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Andreas 4 months ago • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 1 week ago 15

Hi, will Denon or Heos soundsystem be available in i3 lite? Thank you

Thank you! I Can turn the reciever on/off under widget. But im not able to to control it in the project. Is there any ajustments I have to do in the router?

The module is tested with Marantz SR5007 model without any ajustments in the router...

It works now, after latest update! Thank you

Tell me please, which model did you test?

hi, Sorry for late answer. Its tested with Denon AVR-X1200W. It doesnt work 100%, but i can choose source, on/off and volume. Dont work with macros. 

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So you can do all the control via widget but control via macro doesn't work? What exactly the macro should do? Which actions do you have in it? 

Thats right. It does not display current source in widget, but it gives the command. I tried to make a macro to start the reciever when turning all the lights on at an everyday mode. 

Hello! Sorry for the delay.

We updated the Denon module (1.3.0 is latest version). Can you check it out? 


after updating, im not able to controll my reciever. Marantz scanner is not able to locate my Denon reciever anymore. 


Did you change something in Denon parameters? The version was tested by one of our customers and it worked fine. Also, which model of Denon device do you have?

All I did was to update. I have a Denon AVR-X1200W

Did you try to delete and intall the module after update? If possible make new clear project for this.

Thank you! Now it works fine. Have not tried to make a macro yet.

That is great!

Waiting for macro test results.