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Ilya Markov (expert) 1 year ago in HDL Buspro / HDL Scanner • updated 1 year ago 1

HDL Scanner

Type: Scanner

Developer: iRidium mobile

Manufacturer: HDL

The scanner finds HDL devices with any DeviceID and SubnetID in your network. You can select the devices you need and add modules for them just with a click of the button. You can see available HDL modules in iRidium Store.The scanner works by the HDL Buspro protocol.

Available HDL modules:

  • Relay (more)
  • Dimmer (more)
  • Curtain (more)
  • DLP Panel (more)
  • DLP Panel (Air Conditioner, Floor Heating) (more)
  • Floor heating (more)
  • Security module (more)
  • Sensor 8 in 1 (more)
  • Sensor 12 in 1 (more)
  • Sensor in One (more)
  • Sensor Input 4Z (more)
  • Sensor Input 24Z (more)
  • Sensor Input Temperature (more)
  • GPRS (under development)
  • Logic (under development)
  • Scene (under development)
  • DMX (under development)
  • Z-Audio (under development)