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Wouter Verbeeck 4 months ago in Domintell / Domintell Scanner • updated by Wouter Verbeeck 3 months ago 28

Today we tested scanning a Domintell infrastructure. Iphone 7; andriod on Huawai P9


After scanning, we can find the serial numbers of the modules in the listing. Once selected eand imported, this serial number cannot be seen in the module overview nor in the module detail (i.e domintell relay).

Also, in the module detail, we cannot see the given names of each relay contact, name from Domintell on iPhone7, but we CAN on android (was ok in previous version of i3 lite).

Once assigned a few relay contacts (2 relmay modules, 2 contacts from each module) to a room, we found the following:

- We receive feedback from Domintell when the staatus of a relay is changedby a physical


- We can not send command to Domintell relay module.

Please advice



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Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 5 months ago in Domintell / Domintell Scanner • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 5 months ago 11


when using the Domintell scanner with a DETH02 interface with a PASSWORD set OR a different portnumber set, the module is crashing.

Please add the possibility, to use a password on the DETH02 and add the possibility, to use passwords on the DETH02 interface.



Ilya Markov (expert) 7 months ago in Domintell / Domintell Scanner • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 1 month ago 3

Domintell Scanner

The scanner finds Domintell devices. To search the devices enter parameters of the Domintell bus: Host, Port and Password (if set). After the search process you can select the devices you need and add modules for them just with a click of the button. You can see available Domintell modules in iRidium store.
Available Domintell modules:
- Button (DPBR02, DPBR04, etc.);
- Dimmer (DDIM01, DOUT10V01);
- Fan (DFAN01);
- Relay (DBIR01, DMR01, etc.);
- Shutter (DTRV01, DTRP02, DTRVBT01);
- Sound module (DAMPLI01);
- Temperature (DLCD03, DTEM01, etc.).