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Paul van Boven 2 weeks ago • updated by Wouter 3 days ago 12


I have got the following issue.

When I have a windows panel and a fullscreen project, most of the time I can't see the project (blackscreen or the loadingscreen) when I logged in to with teamviewer. Sometimes after switching the windows by start menu, back to i3pro a number of times I will get the image right. And I can see the project.

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Paul van Boven


Perhaps this is due to the fact that TeamViewer compresses images during the transfer or it is due to incorrect drivers on your video card.
With technical support we never faced such a problem.

Same problem over here, for teamviewer and also for VNC, tested from and to several computers... so pls look into this!

Without using these products, everything works well? I think that this is not really a question for us, but rather for developers of systems for remote management.

But the strange thing is that when you start I3pro you can see that it does something with the graphic driver when is start on fullscreen. I use more fullscreen applications, but i3pro is the only one with this strangs behaviour.

It does something with the grapic driver. I think it's not the problem of the developers of the remote management systems.

I thing I3pro tricks the system.

Hi Paul,

See the same happening over here...

So i also think the cause is iridium, not the remote managment systems. Also because it happends in Teamviewer AND VNC viewer...


yes. connection to a windows machine running i3pro client via remote desktop doesn't work well.


Please fix this issue, it’s very annoying when giving support.

Under review

Who can provide access to such a project? We regularly use remote access systems in technical support, but we have never faced such problems.

For example. Make a Windows7 iRidium Client Application and run it. Also include big Trendcharts on other pages. Then, connect to the computer via another over Windows Remote Desktop RDP connection.

Can you provide access to such an installation?

Experienced the same issues both with teamviewer and VNC. If I have time I will try to make a test setup for you to see.

By the way also i3 Studio doesn’t like teamviewer (v9) very much. When I support a colleague with a Studio problem using teamviewer sometimes the Studio window becomes unusable/blank and it won’t return until you disconnect the teamviewer session.