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RTSP Camera access

Rafael Pierozzi 2 weeks ago in Modules • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 3 days ago 5


I'm having some trouble to view camera image from a HDVR system. Its a h264 with rtsp equipment. I can see image through link rtsp://admin@ using VLC software but Iridium is not displaying the image from it.

I configured dynamic image like this:

I tried using iridium pro v1.2.4.19762 and Iridium mobile v2.2 and both not show anything

Found the problem, there is something about authentication. After removing rtsp authentication it worked. I do need to use rtsp auth, any idea about solving it ?

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Send a printscreen of VLC parameter of this camera stream

Thanks for reply.

With the disable rtsp authentication, I'm using like this

When RTSP authentication was On, I need to insert the Username "admin" like this:


or If only use rtsp://, VLC prompt to insert username and password.


You use empty password for access to RTSP? Try this:


or setup password for access and use link:


If i understand you, you has not password?

In Camera settings window, press "test in browser" button, studio will open browser and open the link in new tab. Send this link here please