You can use the following ways to connect to equipment or IP camera
  • Local IP (IPv4)
  • External static IP
  • Domain name

If your internet provider cannot allocate you an external static IP,  you can use DynDNS or the free analogs like No-IP.
New method of generating a unique device identifier (ID). Please read the following information before installing new version V2.1 of "i2 Next"

Attention! Important information for those who work with iRidium on iOS!
On August 30 we released a new iRidium version (V2.1).
The version includes updated iRidium Environment and i2 Control for iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch).
Read this article before installing i2 Control on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch or updating to Apple iOS 7!

Please read:">
It is not possible to load and navigate trough web-page with the iRidium. This feature is not planed for a close versions of app. But in iridim you can make an analog of the web-commnds using GET and POST methods of HTTP driver.
In the project you use a Static List to show the popups. On the popups we see a triggers and you set up a command sending by the Release event.
When the item is on the list, it has an Move event for dragging. So, when you Press and Release a button for a shot time, it works correct. But when we move a button (like a micro-swipe) the Release event does not work, only Press and then Move.
So, if you use a Press event for the Trigger on the list - it works, if use Receve on the normal page or Popup - it works. But when you use Release on the Static List - it has a chanse to be faild. And that is what we saw.
You need to change a trigger event from Release to Press.
You can use the $P template in the text field of level item only. The level item has the Current value and Maximum value. $P counting the present of curren value from the maximum value and shows it like a $P$  = 80% (80/100)
iOS: At the moment the download of projects from control panels to PC is not possible. Save initial copies of your projects on secure carriers and on-line resources.

Windows, Mac: find a source project file in the directory where the file of iRIdium client stored

Android: find a source project file on the SD card, iRidium Mobile folder, using a File manager on your Android device.

[ ! ] Please remember that you can use this project only if it is not saved as a Protected Project (*.pirpz). It is not possible to unpack *.pirpz project to edit it.

Yes, you can. But there won't be any communication with equipment: you will not be able to send commands to controllers and receive feedback. The other functions (graphics, navigation, interface scripts) will work.

You can open the log window in Windows by pressing F4.
iOS/Android/OS X devices have the tool of remote debugging (the log can be saved on your PC). Read more here.
At the moment only the Offline-version of Transfer is available for saving and uploading projects on control panels.

But you can use URL commands and QR-reader for remote uploading of the GUIs to control panels.

Yes, you can. In order to do that you need to set up the router and the client application. See more information here.

At the moment iRidium works on the following OS:

  • Apple iOS based devices - V6 and later: iPad (later than the 1st), iPhone (3Gs and later), iPod touch (4 generation and later)
  • Windows 7/8 based devices: PCs, monoblocks, tablet computers
  • Android OS based devices – V2.3 and later: smartphones and tablet computers (your device should have a GPS module and an SD-card)
  • Mac OS X based devices: OS X 10.5 Leopard and later (Mac Mini, iMac, MacPro, MacBook)

Support of other OS (Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Linux, ...) is not planned in the nearest future. Information about support of new systems will be published on the company information resources.

If a list is put on a page that has a swipe left or swipe right action it is very difficult to move the list. 
The swipe left\right are executed instead of moving the list.

This peculiarity will be changed later, but now it is better to use only gestures or only the lists

In general it is not possible to run iRIdium on TV box with Android. The reason of it is a special Android builds running on this items. TV box don't have a screen implemented and other hardware specifics which could not be processed by iRidium core, so the app crashes.
If you want to turn off the Sound only in iRidium app
Hold your finger down on the screen for until you see a blue dialog appear (input to System Menu of app). Type in the number 2007 and press the OK button. click on sound button, then mute, then apply and exit.
At the moment you can assign button contained in a list template. But cannot use more then the first two states
You can learn the version you use in the system menu of the application (any OS):

1. Start i2 control v2.2
2. Open the system menu using one of the available ways.
3. Click on "Info".
4. The application version is indicated in the second last line.

There is an additional way for the application launched on Windows:
1. Open the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\iRidium mobile2\iRidium
2. Right-click on the iRidium file and select "Properties".
3. Open the "Details" tab.
4. The version is indicated in the "File version" field:

If you have a problem with android keyboard when put the password in system menu (keyboard doesnt work correctly) and can not insert password (2007) or any character:
  • set up the original keyboard
  • turn off the voice input
  • turn off the swipe input
iRidium supports Android based smart-phones and tablet PCs beginning with Android 2.3 and higher. But we cannot guarantee its work on all devices as Android is an open OS and manufactures of Android devices can make changes which are not compatible with iRidium work. . We recommend to test how iRidium works on the selected panel by launching a sample GUI on it.

Please see the list of devices tested by our customers:

[ ! ] Lab tests of iRidium for Android were made on such devices as HTC Sensation and HTC Incredible S (UDP transport on HTC drain firmware does not work which causes inoperability of the "Search" function and forced project update for this smartphone in Transfer. The update is possible after restarting the application.). The testing cannot guarantee 100% work of your project in the similar Android device due to the possible differences in the firmware and project functional.
If it happens, take a look at the [ JS ] window in your project.
Save to file and try to remove all the scripts in the project and start the app again.
If the app doesn't crashes anymore the problem is in the Scripts. Maybe it is some syntax error there.
You can use the Debugging to find a problem.

If you cannot solve it yourself, please contact to support team

[V2.2] You can set up receipt of notifications when iRidium minimized on iOS. This "Local" background notifications works from 2 to 19 minutes, so we do not recomend to use it to inform about important events.

When the app cloased, you cannot get a notification at all

How to setup:

var in_BG = false;

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, IR.GetDevice("DRIVER"), function(name, value)
if(name == 'STATUS' && in_BG)
// Sound identifiers
None : 0, // without sound
Default : 1, // standard notification sound on iOS
Ringing : 2, // standard ringtone
// Creation of required variables
string = "DRIVER " + name + " VALUE = " + value;
id = "" + name;
delay = 0; // seconds
sound_id = SOUND_ID.Default;
// badge – the numeric icon on the app icon
badge_increment_num = 1;
IR.SendNotification(string, delay, sound_id, badge_increment_num, id);

// when the application goes to the background
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_APP_ENTER_BACKGROUND, 0, function()
in_BG = true;

// when the application comes to the foreground
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_APP_ENTER_FOREGROUND, 0, function()
in_BG = false;