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"Stamp" tool

Ekaterina (head of support) 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Dmitry Shulgin 2 years ago 4


  • a button in the Editor control panel, that activates a mode that copies visual settings (States) of a selected item onto any other items. Stamp make all items look similar in one click. The tool saves settings of all states of the sample-item and copies them on the recepient item. If the recepient has fewer stares, new ones are not added. If the recepinet has more states, extra states don't change their looks.


  • Select [ stamp ] toll on the Editor tools panel, press and hold ctrl and click on one of the items of a project. Now this items is sample-item.
  • Point the cursor on another item, click on it (option: click with held Alt) and visual settings of a graphical item are changed according to the sample-item.
  • [ stamp] [ \/ ] - when an arrow netx to the tool is pressed, dropdown menu shows a list of parameters for copying: size, color,opasity, alfa, text, font size, image, icon, etc. Put ticks next to the parameters that are to be copied.

IF, THEN, AND, OR... condtions and math operations in GUI Editor

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 3 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Lance Price 1 year ago 3

Installers need regular expressions in the GUI Editor. Examples: IF... THEN, IF ... AND ... DO ....; value 1 + value 2 = value 3, etc.

We need this, so prevent installers using Javascript to make simple logical functions with values, commands etc.

Please vote for this idea when you agree with me!




Draw simple lines / circles etc.

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 5 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 years ago 2
Please add more tools on the toolbar to draw simple lines (————————–), circles O, etc. Now only 1 object can be draw. Maybe it's also to add a 'free draw' option?

Angle property

Benno Evers 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Виктор 6 months ago 5
It would be good to set the angle property of an object in the gui editor, so we can rotate objects by default.


Save Time when Running Emulator, Sending to Transfer and Saving

Jackie Roos 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Paulo de Almeida 1 year ago 7

Can we please look at reducing the time it takes to

1. save and run the emulator (by the way this should not say 'save' as it is not saving)

2. save and send to transfer

3. save the project

Why does it needs to save before running the emulator or sending to transfer?

On a reasonable sized project this can take 30-40 seconds. This is way too long. I use other professional programming IDE's and they do not take this long for similar sized (MB) project

This is a major frustration


Intelligent Drag & Drop for Duotecno and HDL drivers


Duotecno is waiting for 2 years now for an promised feature: intelligent Drag & Drop.

This means: the installer select a node in the driver. In the node, several Commands and feedbacks are present: switch, dimm, temperature, etc.

With ONE drag & drop command, this 'node' is dropped on the group of items (switch, dimm, temperature buttons). This method saves the installer much, much time.

This feature is discussed and explained to Dmitry Shulgin and Anton Kamaev at ISE2015, and they know what Duotecno wants. They have all drawings how to do it, and in what way.

However, it's still not implemented in 3.0

Please implement this promised feature; it's usable for Duotecno installers, but also for HDL-installers.




Notepad in irpz

Oksana (expert) 3 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Dmitry Shulgin 2 years ago 4
It would be very handy to have a ToDo notepad (which could be stored directly in the irpz file).

It is not convenient to store the information in a separate text file. It would be good to have a tab on the right, next to Device, Project - Notes. When clicking on it the window with notes could appear. And you could add, delete notes and mark them done with indication of time.

No descriptions when scanning the Domintell-bus

Theo Derks 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 10 months ago 8


When installer scan the Domintell-bus, the description from the Domintell-commands and feedbacks are NOT imported in the GUI Editor.

The installer has to manually edit all descriptions of commands and feedbacks, and this take lot of time.

Please improve the scanning of Domintell-bus, so the names of the commands and feedbacks are displayed correct in the Project Device Tree.




Importing DAP-files for Domintell

Theo Derks 2 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Wouter Verbeeck 6 months ago 3


In Domintell, now the installer has to go to the project to scan the Domintell-bus (connect the laptop to the installation and scan with the GUI Editor). This is not convinient.

Please add an option to import the DAP-files from Domintell directly in the GUI-editor, so the installer don't have to drive to the house of the end-user to scan the Domintell-bus.




Folders in script editor

Benno Evers 3 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) • updated by Oksana (expert) 2 years ago 3
It would be nice to have folders in the script editor, so we can manage different scripts with different purposes in a project.