Dahua IP Video Door station control

Jackie Roos 1 year ago in General • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 4

Hi all

Has anyone got control strings to unlock, door bell greetings etc for Dahua IP Video Door stations?


Yes, it would be very useful!

I am currently having project with dahua door station, and would like to control it too!

In Russia (and CIS) Dahua is better known as RVi.

simple for GET:

http://admin@admin:[&UserID= >&Type=]

JSON as also available as RPC


Requesting session ID


 Logging in




If you write a some code, please post it here for everyone to see.



Amcrest AMCREST_HTTP_API_SDK_V2.10.pdf

hi thanks for the code, the sad thing is I am more of an installer than a coder, can you put this into a sample.irpz just so I can get my head around it please