Speech recognition with Alexa Amazon Echo Google Home

Martin Lang 10 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 20


are there any good solutions to combine iRidium Server with any of the new speech systems on the market? To trigger some action on iRidium for example without using a iRidium panel.




Yes, we're working on it. I think that the release date would be scheduled in the spring.

great, can you tell us on what "system" you're currently working? a google or a amazon solution? or another one?

will this be a solution using the ha-bridge? or do you have something own in mind?

Hello, any news on this topic? :)

We testing Alexa now and it works fine. Soon in release...

is there any possibility to join Your tests?
We have exhibition RESTA2017 in Lithuania upcoming. It is taking place at 26-29 of April.

It would be nice to have it functioning :)

thanks :)

count me in for testing, have alexa up and running on the bench

I would also like to be included for the alexa testing

so whats the progress?

When do you expect it to be ready for i3pro? Thanks

Any update on when it will be ready for i3 pro?

Alexa Support for i3 pro server ??? People are asking, whats your current status?


Now we are working on the possibility of using lite modules in pro. We plan to release this functionality before the end of the year, after that all modules from lite will be available in pro


Can UMC Server be controled by voice?


What about GOOGLE HOME?

What versions of IRIDIUM MOBILE can?

Its about time...

Take a look at google partners in this kind of projects


Thank you


The UMC server can be used for Alexa voice control.

Google Home voice control is approving now (in Google). It will be available soon.