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i3 Pro & HDL Bus Pro feedback

Ofer Peleg 7 months ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro • updated by Abd Elrahman Sabri 3 months ago 10


It seems that some of the channels are not synced with the actual status,

Some are on and not showing it and some are off and showing at i3 as On,

The feedback chanel is connected with each cjannel button of course.

What is the right way to get the channel status for each page\popup ?

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Under review


How does you use feedbacks? In script or your drag&drop feedback to an item?


drag and drop the HDL Native driver commands with feedback channel

attach your project to this ticket please

i also noticed strange channel feedbacks that occured randomly with hdl bus.

I need to see your project

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Hello, is your problem still unresolved?

it is/was the hdl timer hang bug, currently testing a special release.

I have the same issue, I have 53 sensors on my projects and 253 Dali channels.

its either the sensor or the light will not have real time feedback, but whenever I restart the server the feedback is correct, the update is not real time.