[iOS][SIP][i3Pro] Driver disconnect when open iPad bottom bar

Francesco Zangara 1 year ago in Applications / i3 Pro • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 10 months ago 10

With your project "SIP+client+iRidium+for+tablet+or+pc.irpz"

Connect SIP driver to my PBX and the status go to "on hook..."

If I open the iOS bottom bar, for example to change the volume, SIP disconnect.

If i close and reopen the bar, SIP reconnect.



This is because when you open the bottom menu in iOS, the app i3Pro is minimized. And iOS stops our application. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to activate the background mode. But at the moment we have disabled the background mode because of some problems. We will try to make the appropriate edits in the next releases. Unfortunately, in the nearest release they will not be included

Thank you for answer Dmitry, I think that this issue is for all drivers...

We need that this issue is fixed in the next two months.

We have to make several very large projects, where our customer want the iPads, that use different applications that must running simultaneously.



Please, check it with new i3 pro 1.0.6 (from Testflight), if you haven't account in Testflight, you can send us your Apple ID.

Hello, is background mode already available to normal version of i3 pro?

If so, where to turn it on?

No, the application does not support background mode. And in the near future it is not planned.

As I read in another topics, background mode is not planned, because it consumes a lot of resources. MAYBE it would be possible to create such mode, which would only keep SIP driver running? (JUST A THOUGHT). As I know, SIP is most frequently needed to run in background.

Also, does PUSH notifications work, while i3pro is minimized?

Thank You!

Push notifications will works at a minimized application - it is a different mechanism.

what about that thought of sip running in the background?

As I said earlier, in the background the app does not work