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Maurits Roos 1 year ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Dmitry Shulgin 11 months ago 3

Can we have support for the iTach Flex Relay and sensor cable in the Clobal Cache Driver. Plugged into the iTach Flex allows you to control 4 Relays and monitor the states of 4 inputs

rocfusion 2 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 2

It would be great if SSL support could be added to the TCP driver. Adding the SSL handshaking into the driver would make it easier to script custom driver.


Oksana (expert) 1 year ago

It has been fixed from i3 pro (beta)

Iain Brew 2 months ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Andrey S 4 weeks ago 4

I recently worked on a project with 18 inputs, 16 outputs which follows a simple command structure syntax (r x y) x = input, y = output. I manually had to create 288 commands - time consuming! Could there be a tool made where you could import a CSV file (i.e. command name, data) or a tool to build a sequence of commands for matrixes?


В общем обнаружил ряд ошибок после конвертации драйвера для 3 версии iRidium.

Ошибки следующие:

  • Поиск не работает, а работает только если из выпадающего списка выбрать само меню поиска.
  • При добавлении песен названных кириллицей в Favorites слетает кодировка.
  • В списке песен "Current Play List" при нажатии на песню начинает играть песня, которая находится над ней. А так же список перематывается на начало что тоже очень не удобно.
  • По какому принципу работает Random Mix не очень понятно, на мой взгляд было бы логично если нажимаешь например Random Songs, то выводятся все песни из папки вперемешку. Так же и с остальными функциями альбомы, артисты, года (только необходимости не вижу в этом, если не зависимо от смешивания все равно будут выводится все песни вперемешку). Сейчас выводится часть песен по непонятной мне логике отбора, но заметил такую вещь, если перейти к последней песне в списке и нажать кнопку следующего трека, начинают подгружаться остальные треки частями.
  • Если в меню Random Mix - Choose Genres: несколько раз нажать select all/none, то по нажатию стрелки для возврата в предыдущее меню придется нажимать ее столько же раз, сколько вы нажали на select all/none


  • Очень бы хотелось иметь кнопку для вывода всех песен, независимо от исполнителя, альбома и т.д. Возможно ли это?
Jongbum Park 3 weeks ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Xopyc (expert) 3 weeks ago 3

In the web document: iRidium for AV & Custom Systems

You have this statement:

Add a ready set of commands in your project: select your database in the DEVICE BASE list and drag the device in your project (PROJECT DEVICE PANEL).

=> into your project

Shouldn't the part of the statement be changed as shown above?

Waiting for user's reply
Jongbum Park 3 weeks ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated 3 weeks ago 6

I developed an iRidium (GUI) project for "AV & Custom Systems device" that controls NI-3100(AMX) - specifically relay 7 on it. My question: is it OK to use port number 23?(see the 1st figure below) As far as I know, this port is used for telnet application.

For your reference I attached a few images concerning my development.

Jongbum Park 3 weeks ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 weeks ago 1

I found a confusion in language/word on your iridium document.

It is shown in the figure below. Please check that out and correct into a matching English word.

Page address : http://dev.iridiummobile.net/JS_Samples/en#Custom_TCP_Server_in_iRidium_Client


On the following page,


Near the top of the page I can see a link (the image is shown below),

When I click the link "List of ready...", it brings me to a Russian page.

So, please correct the wrong link target address.

End of report.

Rodrigo M. 1 month ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems 0

Is there any Sony Bravia IP Control example panel?

Ander Gabilondo 2 months ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems • updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 2 months ago 4


I’m having some problem with a new Driver. I have to control a device with Telnet. I lose some information when I send a command to the device and thee devices answers to this command. Instead, if I send this command with Putty, I see the information I need. As you can see, the last line is lost, and I need it for the feedback information.

With the Iridium Log I get the following messages:

[02-02-2017 13:23:19.651] INFO SCRIPT text =

[02-02-2017 13:23:19.699] INFO SCRIPT text = Preset 1 2 // Received from the bus (Line 1)

OK // Received from the bus (Line 2)

// ------------- MISSING INFORMATION (Line 3)

But with the Putty in Telnet I get the following:

p 1 2 // Received from the bus (Line 1)

OK // Received from the bus (Line 2)

Preset 1, Area 2, Fade 2000, Join 0xff // Received from the bus (Line 3)

Thanks for your support.