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Jackie Roos 11 months ago in Server Solutions / OnBox Server • updated 11 months ago 2


We have a driver that sends 3 x IR commands, eg 0,0,1 to change channels via a GC IP2IR.

When we put this driver on the OnBox, the IR is intermittent - sometimes, one flash, sometimes two flashes and sometimes three flashes

When this driver is sending from Server on a Windows laptop it is consistently sending three correct flashes, as we would expect.

We are guessing this is the processing power of the OnBox?

What can we do so improve the OnBox performance?


Under review

Please send your project for test

I think this is not linked to performance OnBox

Hi Alexsandr,

Sending the project via email.

We are not doing anything special in the project, and in this example on button press sending cmd,delay,cmd,delay,cmd to change channels.