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On iPad, iPhone and Emulator (all clients) we have to login again many many times.

Also now (today): just used the Emulator 2 times, and now, for the 3th time, we have to login with our account. This is the same situation (at random) at iPad and iPhones.

This is unacceptable, because we can't force (ask) end-users to login every time...

Please fix this.




We can not repeat this bug

Five sites under attack!!!! My clients asking WTF. Why we must retype credentials after i3 pro update? Fix this bug pliase.

Some clients from Yachts where internet very slow...

One client from Forbs with three facilities.

Guys, you should be serious. It not an answer: "We can not repeat this bug"!!!

At least two installers happened. Not only one on site. The installer will respond !!!)))) Who else had this problem ????

Do this problem with internet connection? If no internet long time and restart client!?

Hi! Also OUR installers have this problems, and me (personally) too!

that's the reason we reported this 4 months (!) ago, until now without any result.

i'm happy you reported this problem too; and together with my installers i know for sure, MANY installer have this problem (END-USERS!)

Please fix this a.s.a.p.!