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There are too few parameters in the DIMMER KNX. It is recommended to increase on/off Addr ,on/off status Addr,stepwise addr.

For example, the parameters in the above picture

on/off Addr ,on/off status Addr,stepwise addr.

The added three parameters can be set to optional and not required.

Under review


We wonder what is stepwise address ? Is it 4-bit address type that changes value for some percent?

stepwise addr is 4-bit address type. it is relative dimming. This parameter is not required.

Is the switch and the switch status is recommended to add

How do you think the stepwise function must work with our dimmer widget? Will there be buttons to increase / decrease value at a certain percent or will dimmer value change by steps when you move the slider?

the stepwise function With the "+" and "-" to display

the stepwise function ,I don't need it

I need to add a switch and switch status to the dimming parameter.

Because I used the DALI dimming gateway.

Please add the switch and switch status group address in the dimming function.


Dear Jin,

This function is added in the new version on the App store.

When adding the KNX Dimmer module from iRidium store we added the parameters you require in Setup. Select the widget type "Increase/Decrease" to use Stepwise address .

Sincerely yours,

iRidium mobile Team

thank you very much!