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Hello, do You have iridium server package file ready for LM5?

Thank You.


We did a special assembly for the LM5, but because LM5 is in pre-release status, we do not produce a final version for him. Expected release date - January / February 2017.

Do You have beta version for it?

As i already have LM5 in 2 objects. Would like to test IS.

No, we did not test this assembly. Expected release date - January / February 2017.

Есть ли новости по поводу данной версии?

После согласования с LM было принято решение прекратить поддержку версии сервера iRidium для LM. При одновременной работе сервера iRidium и предварительно установленного сервера LM оборудование не имеет достаточных ресурсов, что влечет за собой неудовлетворенность пользователей. Мы рекомендуем использовать выделенное оборудование для сервера iRidium.

Yes, it would be nice to have it :/

Clients are getting angry :))

Until February 15 will be decided in the server support LM releases. If the decision is positive, the version will be released before the end of February, or the terms are not defined.

Hello, any news about it? :)

Hi, after agreeing with the LM, a decision was made to stop supporting the version of iRidium server for LM. With the simultaneous operation of the iRidium server and pre-installed LM server, the equipment does not have enough resources, which entails dissatisfaction with the users. We recommend using dedicated equipment for iRidium server.