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Any Support pages or tutorial on the new Fibaro Driver for i3pro

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This thread has been up for 4 months now can admin give me some information regarding documentation of fibaro and Vera drivers in i3pro please


What kind of documentation do you need? If you experience problems with the configuration, please contact support with a specific question.

The driver itself dose not have any system to it want to know how I add devices to the driver and use them in my project


what kind of support does you need?

We has fibaro driver in which we developed control functions for some fibaro devices. You can download it here http://www.iridiummobile.ru/download/software/v3/module/z-wave-fibaro/

If you want to modify it, you should open downloaded driver in our iRidium Studio, open driver script and add new function or edit existing function. For this task your should use our iRidium Script.Script wiki you can find here


Or, for fast start, you can watch our webinars about iridium script



In the previous fibaro driver you would set the device i.e. 71 and then add the feedback 71 to your project, but the fibaro driver on the website does not have anything like this, plus when you load the fibaro driver it only loads 1 device in emulator and you can't load anything else

in current version, you should open the script and add devices in "Setup" js file. In this file you should write device id and device type in js structure and the script will add devices automatically

can you please send an example of the script with two or three devices working together? i only manage to make it work with  the example device on the  device id and type. how to ad more devices automatically like you say?