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Domintell Scanner

The scanner finds Domintell devices. To search the devices enter parameters of the Domintell bus: Host, Port and Password (if set). After the search process you can select the devices you need and add modules for them just with a click of the button. You can see available Domintell modules in iRidium store.
Available Domintell modules:
- Button (DPBR02, DPBR04, etc.);
- Dimmer (DDIM01, DOUT10V01);
- Fan (DFAN01);
- Relay (DBIR01, DMR01, etc.);
- Shutter (DTRV01, DTRP02, DTRVBT01);
- Sound module (DAMPLI01);
- Temperature (DLCD03, DTEM01, etc.).