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Domintell Shutter

The module enables control of Shutter devices in the Domintell bus. Enter the parameters to control the device:

Host, Port, Password (if set) of the bus, serial number of the device, also choose name of your module.
Supported modules: DTRV01, DTRP02, DTRVBT01.
- Open;
- Close;
- Stop.
A set of Actions, Event and Conditions allows you to use all module functions in macros and routines:
1) Down - to close the blinds;
2) Open - to open the blinds;
3) Stop - to stop the blinds.
1) Open - the shutter had just been opened;
2) Close - the shutter had just been closed.
1) Open - the shutter is opened;
2) Close - the shutter is closed.

Find workaraound in Excell file here

Controle i3Lite.xlsx

By default, it does not work. There's problem with correct channel-link.

in this excell out findings for domintell in both i3lite and i3pro

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