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wenxing sun 2 months ago • updated by Xopyc (expert) 2 months ago 8

please Add VRV options

Under review

I see that you need new parameters:
1) On / Off addr.
2) On / Off status
And you need switch on widget. Is that correct?

1) On / Off addr.
2) On / Off status

3)Mode Addr.

4)Mode Status Addr.

5)Speed Addr.

6)Speed Status Addr.

please Add above the VRV options for I3 lite knx climate

Thank you, but we need some more information.
Adding the parameters is not problem for us but it will also have effect on widget.

So we need to know: what modes do you use and what range of speed control in the most general way?

1.on/off 1bit (1:ON, 0:OFF)

2.mode addr 1byte (dry/cold/fan/heat)

3.fan speed addr 1byte (0:low 1:mid 2:high

4.set temp addr 2byte

Thank you again. Now we have enough information for the development.