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How do we control the two relays?

12in1 relays are often used to control garage Doors. It is a impulse type where a closed AMD then opened relay will open or closed garage door. Can we make a button for that? In hdl panels we can use a momentary button

Under review


Now we understand your problem. We will try to find the reason of the problem and will let you know if the problem is fixed.

Can you try to install "HDL Relay" module from iRidium store manually, set number of channels as 2 and enter subnetID and deviceID of your 12in1 sensor? If this works for you we will add 2 relay channels as part of 12in1 module.

I did and it works perfect!

Thank you!
We will add the 2 relay outputs in the 12 in 1 sensor module soon so you don't have to add the relay module manually.


New version (1.2.0) of the HDL Sensor 12 in 1 module is available on iRidium store. Now it has 2 relays as part of the module.