Jan Aage Dambo 6 months ago in HDL Buspro • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 months ago 3

Hallo It Seams for me, that the server sync does not work Property. If i USE my Phone and sync, the last modifications to Cloud , IT does not show on my IPad.


If your project don't have the server, then after synchronization other panels will know about the update only after login. If you have a server, it will give the command immediately.

Thanks but the issue was i started making a Project from one divice, then i Change to an other divice, still loading tboth divice to the sky. After opening the Project the changes was not to see on the first divice.

If you don't upload project to cloud, then other panels don't know about changes. In new version (in March) we made it easier for you.