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I know that iRidium pro has the option of "AV & Custom" as a device type.

How about iRidium lite? Does it has that device option? That is, may we choose to use iRidium lite to employ our custom made RaspberryPi AV controller?


Hard to compare the two product options(pro vs. lite)

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Yes, ofcourse! You can write module for i3lite, which the same of scripts in i3pro

Then, what is the difference between pro and lite? Besides license(price) calculation system(web page) is hard to compare. So, please give me some more advice/guideline which product(pro or lite) to pursue.

I still have a few questions after reading the above two pdf files.

If ever possible, would you please fill out the following table for me? (The cells with question marks.)

iRidium Version Comparison Chart
Property pro lite
AV & Custom sys’ support ?
Javascript programming support ?
Interface Design ? support
Macro Creation ? w/o programming
IDE(Integrated Dev’ Env’) Studio ?
License 1(AMX,1 panel) $150(USD) ?
License 2(AMX, ∞ panel) $1050(USD) ?

Reference: https://www.iridiummobile.net/my-account/


iRidium Version Comparison Chart
Property pro lite
AV & Custom sys’ support support (modules)
Javascript programming Studio No (only in modules)
Interface Design Studio themes
Macro Creation Studio
w/o programming
IDE(Integrated Dev’ Env’) Studio In App
License 1(AMX,1 panel) $150(USD) Depends on the number of channels used, w/o panels
40 devices = 100$ + every 20 devices*50$
License 2(AMX, ∞ panel) $1050(USD) same license 1

May I ask an additional question on the license difference? Well, as far as I know after studying your document (http://dev.iridiummobile.net/AV_%26_Custom_Systems/en),

I found that 'pro' supports the processing of the 'feedback from the device'. How about 'lite' license? Does the 'lite' license support device feedback processing?


'lite' - it is Product, it is not license. i3 lite support all possibilities i3 pro.