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I've installed the latest version of i3 Pro, that comes with server v1.1.2:11410

In my JavaScript I do:

var sql = new SQL();

When I start my server project I get errors:

[09-03-2017 12:09:09.512]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::Init() unable to open database file
[09-03-2017 12:09:09.521]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::CompileQuery() BEGIN
[09-03-2017 12:09:09.532]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::CompileQuery() library routine called out of sequence
[09-03-2017 12:09:09.543]       ERROR   DATABASE        CSQLiteConnection::ExecuteByString() bad statement
etc. etc.

In version 1.1.1:11195 this worked fine.

Waiting for user's reply


In the latest version the problem does not recur. Please try this beta version.


The problem seems to be fixed in the latest beta.

Thanks for the fast response.