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Martin Sundström 1 month ago in iRidium Script • updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 4 weeks ago 8

I am trying to read the event from a 4bit dimming feedback channel and cannot get anything to show in the log. I am using the following code to catch all events and write them to the log:

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, IR.GetDevice("KNX Router (KNXnet/IP)"), function(name, value)
IR.Log(name+":"+value) // output the tag name and its new value in the log


It works well for events from other types, KNX touch buttons, temperature from sensors etc. But when I send a 4bit dimming event from either a touch button or through ETS4 I get nothing. Should I use another type of event to catch that specific value or should IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE work?


Waiting for user's reply


This method should work for all types of channels. First, make sure that the channel receives at least some values.

For this you can bind the desired channel feedback to the item in the "inText" mode. Try to change the value in this channel and see what is displayed on the item.

Also can try to use the global listener.

Hi and thanks for your reply!

Ok, I haven´t got any panel for this project, I only use the server for logic. But I will create a panel project for and give it a try...

Ok, so I have done some tests, I can´t get a proper value from any device sending 4bit dimming nor if I send it in ETS4, I can only get Iridium to register that as true/false if I change the value to 1bit switching. But I don´t get anything when sending 4 bit dimming at all. Any ideas?

Also, the gloabl listner doesn´t work either, it behaves the sae way. What I can get is switching values and temperature...


Are you sure that you have correctly programmed the desired channels in ETS?

Open your project in the ETS and see what type you set up for the desired channel. Maybe you set up a 1bit type for a channel which you trying to read.

Hi, Yes, in ETS the channel is programmed as a Dimming Control. I have attached a couple of images, the first one show where I manually send to the channel and the second image is of the touch button settings.

Also, in Iridium I have the correspinding Feedback/channel as below.

Have you tried to control the channel directly from the control panel without any involvement of the server?

No I haven´t, I can give that a try aswell. It all works fine if done only through the KNX devices, the pushbutton and the Dali Gateway.


By the way this channel doesn't return feedback.

So you need to bind to this device another channel with type "1 byte".

For example