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Dear Sirs

Some feedback and questions regarding i3 Lite iOS iPhone App 1.0.9 20th March 2017, i3 Lite Server (iridiumserver_1.0.0-11569_RPI.deb) on Raspberry Pi 3 Jessie Lite.

  1. Installation of server on Raspberry Pi is straight forward but you need to make a guide on the wiki. Currently we have to follow the i3 Pro instructions until a point, but it's not accurate for the i3 Lite.
  2. On previous version, I could not find and select server from app. Had to run iRidium Transfer to make it visible to app. This seems fixed in this latest version.
  3. In this version, when you open i3 Lite app on iPhone and create project, it asks for QR code, or manual code. I was confused. I clicked "skip" and later, I could add the server in config->server. Here, I could press "Activate" and use the password "2007". Also, this password, I had to ask Nikolay for it, so please make this available in the documentation.
  4. Why can we not choose Macros in the routine?
  5. It got stuck sometimes and could not press back, out of a device.
  6. It's not clear how many different projects can be used on one Raspberry Pi. For example, I am using it in my house. But later, I will take the server to another place and create a new project. Can the server distinguish between the projects? If we change server to another pi, will the server routines be syncrhonised automatically with the new one?


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Thank you for feedback

1. Ok, we will make a guide for RPi

2. Yes, we fixed it

3. Ok, we will add information about password.

4. We developing it now (for panel routine it is available).

5. It is happened only in config (it is very highloaded part). If it is happens in app, when you just control - please, describe it.

6. One project in one time. You can use one server for different projects, but every time you must deactivate/activate server.