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Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 6 months ago in Domintell / Domintell Scanner • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 6 months ago 11


when using the Domintell scanner with a DETH02 interface with a PASSWORD set OR a different portnumber set, the module is crashing.

Please add the possibility, to use a password on the DETH02 and add the possibility, to use passwords on the DETH02 interface.



We have tested changing port to 17480 - it works but if we set a password to the interface it actually doesn't works.

Trying to find out why scanning with password doesn't work.


The problem is fixed. Now the Domintell scanner with password should work fine.


This is tested by professional Domintell-installer.

With no result: when a password is added, the i3 Lite scanner is not working --> there is a message: no connect.

Please fix



The scanner possibly just didn't get the update. Try to do the following steps:

1) Delete the scanner

2) Restart the project OR (this is better) create new project

3) Download the Domintell scanner.

The installer did this....

The even deleted the complete i3 Lite app, re-installed it and created a new project...

Without any result...

Sorry, there was a mistake from our side.

Now the Domintell Scanner should be updated fine.

ok, we informed the installer to test again...

BTW: the installer is missing the DPBRLCD02 (Rainbow LCD). Why this is not implemented? in plans?

- The temperature from DTSC02/04 is not showed in i3 Lite

- DTEM is also not working

- input from ISM04/08 module is not working. This is not working from inside the app.


Under review

DPBRLCD02 is supported (it should be displayed as DPBRLCD0x in scanner).

We will check the other modules and type in the topic if the bugs are found and fixed.

We did some fixes for Domintell Temperature module (DTSC02/04 and DTEM uses the module). Did it help?
About DISM04/08: we couldn't find the problem in the module. DISM20 in our office works well. Can we have TeamViewer connect with a PC with i3 lite client?