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in i3 Pro installers can use the 'online' token to see the IP-interface is Online (or not).

Please implement this also for i3 Lite.



Under review

Please, describe, what do you mean?

In i3 studio, we can link an 'on-line' token to the state of a button. This way, we can check if there is in fact a connection between iridium and the ip-interface of Domintell (for exaple). We can do the same thing with iridium server.

Please make this feature available in i3 lite.



Again, it's unclear. Why we need this functionality in the client application? Why is this information to the end-user?

If the system doesn't respond to i3lite commands, a possibility is the loss of connection.

Having a visual feedback on an actual connection is the easiest way to rule that possibility out wile using/testing.

So this is processing in the module, not the property of the system. If you want, use it in your status display module.

Are we talking Chinese, Alexander?

Since years, there is a driver token: Online

Many installers are using this token, to see, the used IP-interface is 'online' (connected) or not.

Well, this is what we also want in i3 Lite.

That's all....

Please explain how we can use it 'in your status display module'? As far as we know, we don't have the possibility to display the status of the module (or it has to be an undocumented feature ;-) )

Please clarify.




Create an indicator on your widget (in your module) that will track the required token (online/offline).

Wouter, do you understand this?


I Will test iT this week. Thx
Op wo 19 apr. 2017 om 10:17 schreef Support Team <support@iridiummobile.ru>

nope, ik vind niets dat doet denken aan een "indicator" op niveau widget. is er een "walk-trough" voor handen hiervoor?