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Gary Wilson 5 months ago • updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 5 months ago 1

HI, Is anyone working on module for iridium lite for sip integration for sip intercoms other than motobix. I use Beward intercom andthis would be very useful

Under review


Unfortunately, we are not working on SIP modules for now.

But you can send request for the module development here: http://www.iridiummobile.net/modules_request/
Or make the module by yourself: http://www.iridiummobile.net/lite/modules_faq/

Also we have SIP module in plans. So, basically, almost every SIP will be covered with 2 modules: Camera Wizard (that already in the iRidium store) and the SIP module.

To use Camera Wizard you just need to know url of camera stream for you intercom. For SIP module you need parameters of your SIP server.