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Wouter Verbeeck 5 months ago in Domintell / Domintell Scanner • updated by Wouter Verbeeck 3 months ago 28

Today we tested scanning a Domintell infrastructure. Iphone 7; andriod on Huawai P9


After scanning, we can find the serial numbers of the modules in the listing. Once selected eand imported, this serial number cannot be seen in the module overview nor in the module detail (i.e domintell relay).

Also, in the module detail, we cannot see the given names of each relay contact, name from Domintell on iPhone7, but we CAN on android (was ok in previous version of i3 lite).

Once assigned a few relay contacts (2 relmay modules, 2 contacts from each module) to a room, we found the following:

- We receive feedback from Domintell when the staatus of a relay is changedby a physical


- We can not send command to Domintell relay module.

Please advice



Under review

Hello. Sorry for the delay

We will check out the problems after weekend.

About the names of relay contacts: probably you have old version of scanner on the device. Please, try to delete the scanner, quit the project, create new project and add domintell scanner in the project.


feedback on this item: after clean install and new project creation, the names do come in with the scan.

further findings in new post.

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What is model name of the relay controller?

The Domintell relay module is dbir01 .

We look gorward to your findings.

Answer on few questions about the Relay, please:

1) Do you have last version of lite from appstore / googleplay? 

2) You tried it on android and ios, right? 

3) Which version of Domintell relay module do you have? 

4) So you have 2 relay modules. Each for DBIR01 should have 8 subdevices (channels), you have only 2?

5) Could you control the relays before you assigned them to a room? 

6) Did you add the Relay modules with Domintell scanner ?

1: most recent version downloaded from app store on both devices

2: Android phone and iphone7

3: recent version of relay ( what do You mean by this?) most recent version of Domintell software 1.27.04

4: 2 dbir modules with each 8 relays( 8 channels)

5: before assigning: No Control and No feedback, after assigning we have feedback but No control

6: relays adder with Domintell scanner

I hope You have use with this answer.

Best regards, 


3) I mean module version in i3 lite app. You can see it in module information when you select module in device section.

Thank you for the answers.

Re-run your project please, we have released new version of domintell relay. After the re-run the module should request update. The update might help

Module version in i3 Lite is 1.15.0. For dbir01. Is that the most recent?

No, we have one more version. Actual version is 1.16.0. Try to update the module by re-launching your project.

Also today we have released new version of i3 lite app on appstore / googleplay. Make sure that you updated the app.


did same test after updating both the controller in i3lite and i3lite itself. Same problem persists.

I get feedback but i can not control.

test with iphone7

check of controlling relays before assigning: same issure. I get feedback, but can not control.

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Did you try to create a new project and add the relay modules on empty project?  

Just did that. Same problem. Even issue with scanning, but after retry that was no problem anymore.

We have DMR01 (Relay too, but they are monopolar) and controls/feedbacks for them works.

Do you have any other domintell devices? Can you control them? 

We know Them, but don't yse them. We Will make list of findings. Do far Only ddim01 deels to Work fine. Dtrv01, temperaturen modules,... give issues. In i3pro they work. (Some small issues).

We Will make list.

Best regards,


This would be great.

So you don't have problems with DDIR01 in i3 pro?

Dbir01 works perfect when following guidelines on documentation.

Can you send to us your i3 pro project with DDIR01 control, please?
Also when you make the list we would like to see i3 pro projects that can control devices which i3 lite can't. This would help us a lot to find problem.

Do you still have the problem?
Can we have i3 pro project that can control DDIR01 so until you make the list we have time to fix the problem with DDIR01 ?

Here is a list of what we tested so far.

Can you give me e-mail adress to send the i3pro file? I'ts in an interface we created so I'd like to send it private.

excell file is here:

excell with i3lite and i3pro comments

kind regards,


No, we have multiple issues in i3lite and som in pro. Both are listed in same excel. You asked to send i3pro project to compare. So where can I mail iT to?

Kind regards

Sorry I have missed it. I have sended the email in the topic recently.

Can you please mark somehow problems that happens in i3 pro also? 

there is a typing error in the e-mail adress. I get message that it doesn't exist.

Please send correct e-mail adress.

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I just sendyou mail with dropbox-link for both the irpz and excell

Kind regards,


In android, i3lite relay doesn't work. Iphone and windows are good