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I Could use the BAOS Wizard upto 160 objects. After this I get timeout error. I also get the error below when I try to use the BAOS Wizard now. The below error started after I tried to use the BAOS import.

I need to add KNX BAOS Dimmer and since BAOS Wizard was not working, I tried to use the BAOS import - Dimmmer Slider Widget is incorrect for BAOS import.

So I tried using add device manually and tried to use KNX BAOS 770/771/777. The slider and Switch read work. The SWITCH WRITE DOES NOT WORK.

So I am stuck even while trying to take alternate routes to solve the problem.

Switch Write is now working with KNX BAOS Dimmer 771/772/777.

Under review

Hello. Sorry for the delay.

Just to avoid missunderstanding I need to type problems that I got from your message:

1) When you adding more than 160 objects with wizard it brokes (on the screen what happens when you added 160 objects);

2) When you try to use KNX Import (after you add 160 objects) it also shows the error (the attached screen);

3) Dimmer widget is wrong when you add it with import;

4) KNX devices do not write data when add it manually (you have to do it all other ways is broken) after you added 160 objects

So basically all problems happened when you add a lot of devices (160 in your case).

Is everything correct? 

1) After 160 object BAOS Wizard is not working.

2) KNX import works.

3) When using KNX import - Dimmer Widget for slider give + and -. This should only happen if I choose Slider with increase decrease.

4) When using KNX BAOS 770/771/777 dimmer from store manually. The Switch write did not work. Now it is working. The problem seems to be fixed with Switch write currently.

I encountered these problems since I tried different methods when BAOS Wizard stopped working.


1,3 - in dev. plans. This shouldn't take more than one week

4) Did you delete some modules before write started to work? 

I deleted and added the module back about 3 times. I think it worked the 4th attempt on the next day when I tried again. I thought you acted on my feedback and hence the problem was resolved.

Can you share the project to our support, please? In the video below you can see how to do it.


KNX Dimmer when you add it with import now should have standart slider

I have shared my project. The project crashes at-least 4 to 5 times when I try to save. And further crashes for synchronization. This is extremely frustrating. Please fix the crashing issue.

Thank you. We will check the project.

What is your project name, by the way? "TheWorks" this one? 


We have fixed BAOS wizard. To download new version you need to:

1) Run your project

2) Delete BAOS Wizard

3) Quit the project

4) Run the project again

5) Download BAOS Wizard

Unfortunately, we couldn't repeat problem with crashes. If it happens after wizard update inform us, please. Also we need all cases where you meet project crash.

Hello, is your problem still unresolved?

I have stopped using the BAOS Wizard completely after my issues.

I am suspecting the cause could be also related to the iPad2 I was using. I have also had issues with Cameras on iPad2. Further to this I have been using the latest 2017iPad.

I have not attempted the BAOS Wizard due to fear of loosing existing work as well when the app crashes. Earlier recovering from an app crash used to lead to extremely unpredictable results, so I am being cautious and careful.

I appreciate your effort but deleting stuff on a working project and redoing things sometimes leads to too much re-work. I wish I could make backup copies and try things suggested by you on a version of the same project that does not upset anything on the working project. In the process of bug testing, I am loosing a lot of time in re-doing and replicating work so that I can report correctly.


Ok, thanks for your help.