Nick Sutton 3 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 weeks ago 8

It doesn'y work. Can't change mode, just frozen. Shows wrong temperature, and + / - buttons don't work.

Tried to delete and re-add heating.

When you press Day mode, it changes to Normal mode.

When you press night mode it changes to day

When you press normal it goes to day.

No feedback shows in the iridium screen.

Temperature buttons dont work.

Our installer came a 3 hour journey today to install this, and we could not finished the job.. we assumed it would work since we got an email saying "i3 Lite now ready for sale"... but it's clearly not finished!

We also can't get it to save the macro rights for the end users...

Under review

Do the all problems appears with HDL Floor Heating module or the same happens with DLP Panel (AC, FH) ?

The problem is fixed after last module update?


I have not had a chance to test yet. My colleague Mikkel told me it's ok.

I will have a chance to test in some more days.

OK. We will wait for your response.

I have the same problem. also after the last update of the software!

Hello, is your problem still unresolved?