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Govinda Raja 2 weeks ago • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 6 days ago 19

I had configured HIK Vision Cameras and they were working fine. I updated i3lite from app store, now cameras do not work. The cameras can be viewed using a different app but unable to view from iridium Lite after upgrade.

I have shared my project with the support team.

Under review

Do you have any other cameras? Do they work?
Also, please, try to create a new project and add the HIK Vision cameras to the project. It will help us to know: is it update issue or functional just broke in our app

I do not have any other cameras.

I have created new project, the camera stream does not work.

attaching screenshot of camera model. I have blocked IP address, username and password. This same setting was working earlier before the update.

The screenshot below is from new project created as suggested, NOT WORKING.

In my previous project I had also tried direct link and it worked. In new project even direct link does not work. I thought this information may be helpful for you to fix the problem faster.

What version of the Camera Wizard module (you can see it in "module information" section)? Actual version is 1.28.0.

I have the same version 1.28.0

Can you try to reinstall i3 lite app, please? Just delete it and download again from appstore.

I just tried 3 times to reinstall and I don't have blocked username, password and host.

Blocked you mean you can't change the fields? 

I can change the fields, I have put a box so that everyone does not know my username and password when they read this post.

I think you are confused. I have edited the picture captured so by putting a box on top so that no one can read the information. It is called sanitizing the data.

I have put the box over my username and password so that I can hide. I can enter username, password and host.

I have blocked that information in the post so that I do not reveal that information.

Please find the image below. This time I will remove the info and post so that there is no confusion. Maybe now you understand better.

Thank you. I understood now. I thought by blocked you mean you can't work with the parameters.

About project crashes: I created task for our programmers so they will look at your project and see why sync in the project causing crashes.

Maybe your cameras have limit for simultaneous connections? Try to disconnect from the camera with any other programmes.

App update didn't break camera streaming work. I just tested last version of app on ipad (from may 15) with http and rtsp stream - it works.

By the way, which model of ipad do you use?

I will check thoroughly and update you.

I am currently connecting to my site using a VPN. This has always worked. I will try the local connection once I visit my site and check again.

I have tried onsite.

I have tried with two different iPads. One iPad2 16GB and another iPad2 64GB. Both of them do not show streaming Video after the update.

The strange thing is the video show on my iPhone 6 - 64GB. 

So whatever happened after the update. The streaming video on iPad2 stopped working. I have tried for two continuous days. If the iPad is idle for sometime and then opened sometimes I see a image of the camera but not streaming video. Request you to kindly fix this. I have tried extensive testing before reporting back.

Thank you for the testing.

We will try one the same panel and response about results.

I repeat again that the cameras work perfectly fine on iPhone with the exact same project.

But does not work on two different iPads.

I just repeated the problem on our ipad 2.
The task to fix it is created and it have high priority. We will inform you when you can update app.

Also we have fixed the synchronization. With the next app update you will not get sync requests so often. Unfortunately, we couldn''t repeat problem with crashes.

Later I will try to open your project on iPad 2 and see if crash happens for me.

Thank you for putting it on high priority. Were you able to replicate the Camera issue on your iPAd2 as well?

Yes. I did replicate that issue.