Knut Harboe 4 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 1 week ago 15

After the new version of the server, I now have connection to it, but the app wants to update itself every 2-3 minutes or so. Even if there has been NO update to the project. 

Is there a bug in the version handling of the i3Lite app?


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Hello, Knut
Do you mean project request for sync? Or server update request?
Can you make screen of the request, please? Or just type text here

Try the followed steps, please:

1) Open configurator

2) Go to server section

3) Press the "Synchronization" button

After this project will request reboot - make the reboot.

I have done so. 

No effect!

Hilsen Knut

When you have project update request do you always press "Update" ?


If I do not do this, the project reboots!


Here is some ways that can fix it:
1) Make sure that you have last version of i3 lite (we have updated it recently) and server

2) Delete your project from the iphone and download it again from cloud

If this didn't help: do you have more than one panel that controls the project? What hardware do you use for the server? 

Hi !

1. I am running the latest from App Store 1.0.13.

2. I have hardware from hdlnordic in Norway. RPi.

I have 2 panels. One iPhone used for configuration. One iPad as "end-user".



Do the both panels get the project update request or just iPhone? 

Try the followed steps::

1) Delete project from both panels (the project will not get lost it is saved on cloud)

2) Download the project on iPhone

3) Open the project on iPhone and wait if update requests keep coming

4) Download the project on iPad

5) Open the project on iPad and check if update requests started to come on iPhone

I have done this previously...

Hilsen Knut

Knut, has your issue ever been resolved? I ask you this because, I was going through this post and I am given a very similar run around with every instance I seek help.

After the 1.2 version of the app and server, this problem is gone for me.


Does your app close after few hours and take long time to load?

Yes, but not after the update.