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I was told in a previous post that multi button for Scenes will be implemented in May. I don't see that this has been implemented. When is it likely to get done?


Excellent Work!

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Any progress on this module?

Under review

We are working on universal KNX module. In the module you will be able to add devices. So, basically, instead of modules you add devices and as module you add support for a KNX interface. So you don't have to enter IP of interface multiple times if you are working with one interface.

In the module "multistate button" will be represented. The button can be used for your case with scenes.

The module will be available in about a week.

Thank you, looking forward to trying the module when available.

Glad to say that we have released the module. It is called "KNX Interface" in iRidium store.

For there is no functions for changing module parameters and deleting devices. But it will be viable with next update of the app (the update will be available in about 2 weeks).

Try the multibutton element and tell us if it solves your problem with scenes.

I will test it and update you on the same. Thank you so much for implementing this feature.

I have tested this module and it is working well. Thank you again for implementing the universal module. This is very interesting and can be adapted to all situations for which direct modules are not released.

I love this module.


Thank you for the testing and the valuable feedback!

We will make the module even better with app update so you can change interface parameters without module reinstall. Also you will be able to delete devices (control elements).

I wish there was a way we can get rid of the label shown below in red.

That way this same module can be used with AC for mode and Blind status as shown below,

With Label

Much better looking without Label

As you can see when I want to combine the blinds status I am getting and additional label.

If this can be avoided, We can use this module with other modules for example AC mode / Fan speed with BAOS Climate module to do our own customization.

And where there is requirement for label we will add header through room editor like shown below.

Removing the Widget icon and name to the KNX interface module will add a lot of flexibility.

We understand you and will add parameter for the "Multistate button" device that will be called "Show header". I am planning that you will be able to use the parameter in about a week.

Thank you so much for considering my feedback.