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If we purchase i3lite sub devices through custom licence.

Should all the sub devices be used in one project or can they be assigned to multiple projects. for example Can I buy 500 sub devices and server licence and allocate 200 sub devices to one project and 300 sub devices and server licence to another project?

How do we assign the purchased custom licence to a project?



All devices from license should be used in one project.

Purchased license bind with project in your cabinet in our site.

My project currently has 220 devices. But I think it may increase to 300 devices. If I try to purchase from project I am not able to change the 220 devices to 300. How can this be achieved?

If I try to use custom purchase, I do not have the option of adding in-app purchase like Gate for HomeKit. My other worry is if I purchase using custom licence, will I be able to assign that purchase to an existing project?

So far you can not extend the license from the application. To do this, you need to use the installer's cabinet.

What is the procedure to extend licence from the application? What is installer's cabinet? Is there a video or a document explaining these things in detail?

Again, you can not extend the license from the application.
Installer's cabinet - it is web interface in our website http://www.iridiummobile.net/ It is available only for installers.

Remember that you do not need to use all subdevices in for example a relay.

Typically dishwasher is not needed in a standard panel. You then choose to deactivate this in the config of the relay.

Then this relay channel is not counted in the licence!


I completely understand how subdevices are counted and also know that those which are not used can be de-activated and will not be counted.