Govinda Raja 2 months ago • updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 2 months ago 12

If we try using the on/off switch in the dimmer it sends command to Stepwise Address, The correct way is the send command to Switch Write Address . This bug needs to be corrected.

The dimmer works correctly only if we leave Stepwise Address.empty.

Under review

We just checked the module and seems that everything correct and on/off switch should send value to "Switch write address".

Can you share the project or this is still the same one that you have shared before ? Also type the name of your project, please.

Project name is MyHome.

I have created two versions of the same dimmer and the one circled in red named Dimmer with Bug demonstrates the bug mentioned.

Thank you.

We will check the project soon.

Stepwise address is needed only when you use widget type "increase / decrease" or "slider and increase / decrease". Sorry that we don't hide the field for widget type "Slider".

So leave the field empty or try other widget type if you want the stepwise function.

Why is Switch sending command to Step-wise address? Do you think that is normal ?

It looks like someone fixed the problem, I am unable to replicate the same bug.

Thank you for having this addressed so fast.

No. Of course, this is not normal.

I mean the stepwise addr. parameter is doing nothing for slider widget type. So you can just leave it empty.

We couldn't repeat the problem with switch write address.

I had been able to repeat this many times. I was looking at ets whenever I used the switch button and it was sending telegram to Stepwise. The problem did exist, but it is fixed now.

I checked ETS right now and the command is being sent correctly when using the switch.

Thank you for contacting us!

So I guess the problem is solved?