Thales Cavalcanti 2 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 9

I had changed a project name and save it in cloud.

When I open my other device I do not have two projects only on in each device.

What can happened?

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Did you synchronize with the server after downloading the project to the cloud? How did you download the project to the cloud? Have you downloaded it as a separate project or just updated the old one?

I just change the name and save to the cloud on ipad
After that I log out iridium and log in again to download the project in my iphone

And the new one is not there


Thales Cavalcanti
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it is not clear

can you make a screenshots before/after renaming and before/after downloading

See that I do not have anymore the “techdomus principal” file, i.e it only change name not make another project 
What am I doing wrong?

Thales Cavalcanti
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If I understand correctly, do you want the name change to copy the project while maintaining the previous version ?? We do not provide such an opportunity.

Yes, exactly that.

OK thanks, but after change the name and save to the cloud, when I open in another device the name should not be the new one???

Why it is not happen?


New one name will be available on other device after logout/login only

sorry but is not working like this

I tried with my iPhone, ipad and windows 10, now I have each device with a different name and no one has the other file name in cloud

Ohh... if you downloaded project name can't change on this panel. In this case you should delete project from panel.