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Does there exist a step-by-step guide on how to set up gate for HomeKit in i3 lite.

I am able to find the module in my home app, however I do not understand how to proceed in order to be able to control my lights using Siri.

I would like to try this out before bying a license, and am using the trial license. Does HomeKit, RPi server work under demo license?

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In that case, you will have to purchase a full license.
The demo license does not work.
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RPi with homekit work under demo license!

Did not quite understand the question - after installing you see the gate in the application Home?

Yes, I see the gate in the Home app. 

But what to do next? 

To me it looks like the Home app does not find any devices

Check your version of App.

Which modules do you use in i3lite? Check in module homegate what you can see all devices in your project


I am not able to choose any devices. After clicking on 1, a dialouge box appear. Devices, macros and modes are visible, but I am not able to choose any of them.

Which version of App?

Which modules do you use in i3lite?

I am using version 1.0.17 i3 lite

I am using these modules:

- HDL dimmer

-HDL DLP panel

-HDL foor heating

-HDL sensor temp

- HDL sensor in one

-HDL Logic

-gmail for server

-Gate for homekit

Can you share your PC via teamviewer? I can help you on Monday. Please sent your access data and convenient time to support@iridiummobile.ru