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Francesco Zangara 3 weeks ago in Products / KNX • updated 6 days ago 12

On my project have 10 presence sensors KNX. I need to force it with 2bits switch control and show the actual status.

I insert a command and a feedback on knx ip router driver (i not try with baos). Command work fine, but feedback not change when i send the command from iRidium or another device on KNX (for example an pushbutton).

Studio version

Server version

Waiting for user's reply


Can you send your Iridium project and the KNX project ? You can send them to us by e-mail support@iridiummobile.ru
And please specify which channel does not work.

Unfortunately, I can not open your KNX project.

Please specify in which version of ETS did you made your project?

hi dmitry. I use ets 5.5.4 build 952


Are you sure that this channel returns feedback? Can you read data from this channel using ETS ?

Hi Dmitry,

yes, I can read priority from this device, if R flag and T flag are set.

in any case, if i send priority command from ETS, i can see any change on iRidium.


Sorry, but I do not quite understand you. As far as I understand you, if you change the channel's value through ETS, the feedback comes to Iridium. But if you change the channel's value through Iridium, then feedback does not come to Iridium. At the same time, you see a change made through Iridium in the ETS. Right?

Hi Dmitry,

No, if i change channel's value through iRirium, the feedback on iRidium not change, but the command is send to knx (i can see it on ETS).

if iRidium read the value on driver startup, i can see read request and answer on ets, but the feedback not change (and the

if i change channel's value through ets, the feedback on iRidiun not change.

Hi Dmitry,

have you a news of this issue?


Unfortunately, we do not have equipment on which we could check

Can you give us remote access to your KNX router?

Hi Dmitry,

have you an ip baos? you can use it as ip interface (with ets work).

We have an IP BAOS, but if we try to control this channel through it, then we will receive data only from DatapointAnd we need to get data from a particular channel. And we need to get data from a specific channel with a type of 2 bits.

But unfortunately, we do not have equipment that supports this type of channel.

Unfortunately i not have one ip interface on office. But i try with ip baos 777 without any configuration (only IP Address).

iRidium connect to it with IP Router driver (on port 3671) and can send 2 bits command (i can see telegram on ETS Group Monitor), so driver work.

You can send 2 bits telegram from ETS and see if iRidium receive it.