Govinda Raja 3 weeks ago • updated 3 weeks ago 5

Currently project without server loads very slowly - Is there anyway to make it load faster?

Once the project is opened, if we open after few hours again the project starts loading - Is there anyway to avoid this.

For example : I come home and want to open the door, The project takes time to load. After loading I finally open the door.

After few hours my friends come home, when I open the app, again the project starts loading and causes a delay for me to be able to open the door.

If the project is left open without closing, should it not open instantly??


We have begun work on this and hope to improve the download speed in the upcoming versions.

I hope the lag is fixed fast.

I just updated the app yesterday and app once loaded is no longer re-loading again. Hopefully this is fixed.

I think the actual problem is if the app is not used for a few hours then it crashes and hence when we decide to use to later it takes a long time to open. How can we stop the app from closing or crashing. This will solve the problem I described. I am on IOS 10.3.3 iPhone 6 64GB