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It would be nice if he had on option to print all the Command and Feedback variables including their Properties.

This way when you created hundreds of Variables you print them on paper or print them to a "file format" to be able to check if all your varibales are correct.

Because they would be all underneath each other it would be easy to find "typos" or other mistakes.
Now it is quite difficult to click trough every variable and check every value.

Some thing like this:

Light_DimValue_B1 / REAL / R / 500
Light_A1 / Bool / R / 100.0
Light_A2 / Bool / R / 100.1
Light_A3 / Bool / R / 100.2
Light_DimValue_B1 / REAL / R / 600
Return_Status_Light_A1 / Bool / R / 200.0
Return_Status_Light_A2 / Bool / R / 200.1

Dear Paulo,

Thank you for your offer

iRidium mobile team
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i think a better option is to make the possibility to export the list with commands & feedbacks to XML or Excel, so every installer can order/sort/change the list in a seperate program, and then print (or save).




Unfortunately, at the moment this functionality is not implemented. And no in plans for the future.

I thinks it can import and export to txt or exel. To use list command for many project so installer do'nt need recreat all command for new project.



 You can read file server i3 by notepad or MSWord then you can use Find and Replace 

find "/> Replace "/>^p to separate each command.

<Channel ID="11" Name="PowerOff" Size="4" Data="00, 00, 00, 00"/>

<Channel ID="12" Name="PowerOn" Size="4" Data="00, 00, 00, 00"/>

<Channel ID="13" Name="Swing30Degreed" Size="4" Data="00, 00, 00, 00"/>

Hi Xuan,

Were do you find this file? We are talking about I3 pro project not a server project.