In order to make calls from one iRidium panel to another and from Mobotix call panel to iRidium and back it is necessary to configure the Mobotix PBX server correctly for working in the mode of both the SIP server and the SIP subscriber.
Go to the Mobotix Admin menu via the web interface:

1. Set up the SIP server on Mobotix T24/T25 (SIP Server Settings)

1.Activate the server mode

2.If the intercom is supposed to work locally, leave the field without any changes. If you plan to connect via the Internet, then input the external router address or the domain name (DDNS) here.

3.Create the first subscriber – these login and password can be used by the external panel (iRidium or IP phone) to connect to the set up server.

4.Create the second subscriber – let it be the Mobotix T24/T25 call panel. You will be able to call to this panel using the login and password. You have to create the account for Т24/T25. Otherwise the call panel won’t work as a subscriber.

5.Add other subscribers Добавьте других абонентов, by the number of call panels in the system

2. Set up T24/T25 as a SIP subscriber (SIP Client settings)

We present the case where there is only 1 Mobotix call panel so the server and the subscriber on it are launched concurrently. In this case the Т24/T25 subscriber is connected to the Т24/T25 server launched on the same IP-address seen in the settings:

1. Activate the Mobotix subscriber mode

2. The address and host of the subscriber to which the Mobotix call panel will address

3. The name and password for authorization on the server

4. The host and port of the Mobotix SIP server

5. The range of RTP ports for transferring voice. You need to use the same range in iRidium.

1.Leave one of the Mobotix audio codecs on. It is preferable to use PCMA or PCMU codecs.

2.Turn on the video transfer from Mobotix cameras in the H.264 format.

3. Set up the account of the outgoing Mobotix call (Outgoing Call Settings)

Create an account, select where you need to call, select SIP Proxy from the drop-down list (the account of the subscriber which will use Mobotix to call to other subscribers)

Recommended settings:

  • SIP Video
  • Intercom
  • Camera Remote Control: On
  • Hagup After: None or convenient time
Click Set, then Test to call the subscriber indicated in the field SIP Address

4. Set up access for incoming Mobotix calls (Incoming Call Settings)

1.You can indicate the list of subscribers which can call Mobotix here

2.You can indicate the list of IP-addresses which can call Mobotix here

If both fields are empty, Mobotix will take a call from any subscriber in the system.

5. Set up the hardware Call button on Mobotix (MxEasy > Camera > Door Station Options)

The setting up is performed in the MxEasy software installed on PC (not in the web interface).

Select the account which will be activated when clicking the button (the list of accounts is already formed in Outgoing Call Settings in the web interface.

6. Set up iRidium as Mobotix SIP subscriber

6.1. Download the sample iRidium project forMobotix SIP telephony

It can be modified for your tasks and added to your main visualization project but Mobotix GUI is set up for working with T24/T25 by default.

Edit it for connecting to your Mobotix server. Required changes:
6.1.1. Set up the SIP driver for making calls

Host: the IP-address of the Mobotix SIP server
Port: 5061 (when working with other SIP servers 5060 is used, but for T24/T25 - port 5061 is required)
Password: the subscriber’s password, see Mobotix SIP Server Settings
Caller ID: the subscriber’s name, see Mobotix SIP Server Settings
SIP ID: the subscriber’s address, see Mobotix SIP Server Settings
First-Last RTP Port: the range of voice transfer ports, see SIP Client settings
Use SIP-DTMF Tone: capability of DTMF dialing. Usually DTMF dialing is used only.
External IP: the external IP-address of THIS call panel. It has to be indicated ONLY IF it refers to the remote Host. In other cases the field has to be empty.

6.1.2. Set up the Mobotix Door/Light driver to control light and doors

These functions will work with any iRidium Pro license

Host: the IP-address of Mobotix on which you want to control light and open the doors
Login-Password: the login and password of Mobotix administering (you input them to get access to the Mobotix web interface)

6.1.3. Set up the IP-address, login and password to get video from Mobotix


6.2. Set up the "Call" button in iRidium

Select the "Call" buton on the main page of the iRidium for Mobotix interface, go to its settings Object Properties > Programming. By double-clicking on the Send Text line open the window for editing the number you call. Indicate the account of the SIP intercom (*201):

This button can be copied several times to set up calls to different subscribers (the text on the buttons is set up in the tab Object Properties > States)

6.3. Start iRidium on the control panel

When connecting to the Mobotix server successfully, the "On Hook..." status will be displayed in the interface.
If you see the status "Registration", check the server and GUI settings.

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