History of Changes in iRidium Pro Platform

[!] - usability
[+] - new functions
[bug] - bugs fixed

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01/23/2017 iRidium Setup (

Client i3 Pro (1.1.0)

  • Improvement of the Linear Trend item for its use on popups and Static Lists (lists of popups)

  • Pressings on the user slider is processed for the whole area, even if it is outside Level limits
  • Improvement of the SIP driver for work with Decline command
  • The problem with transferring the Fade Time value in the Helvar driver is fixed
  • The problem with recursive value change in Editbox is fixed
  • The problem with secure password

Windows client (

  • The problem with dispalying the input text in the Editbox item when using Render DX11 is fixed
    The problem with displying feedback when using Render DX11 is fixed

Server (iRidiumServer.exe : other: 1.1.0-11043)


  • The problem of frequent switching of the panel to the server is fixed

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

  • Schedules and Routines (beta)
  • New languaues are added for localization (beta): Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, German, Turkish
  • Import of *.smw for importing serial commands are improved
  • Automatic saving in the database for KNX, BAOS, HDL drivers is removed

12/30/2016 iRidium Setup (

Client i3 Pro (

  • Pressings on the user slider is processed for the whole area, even if it is outside Level limits
  • Improvement of the SIP driver for work with Decline command
  • The problem with transferring the Fade Time value in the Helvar driver is fixed
  • The problem with recursive value change in Editbox is fixed
  • The problem with secure password

Windows client

  • The Wlanapi.dll library installed at Setup installation is added

OnBox server

  • Work of the function for setting up time and date on OnBox is changed

Web (v1.0.1.39)

  • Possibility to set up an empty value in feedback channels is added
  • Displaying names of commands and feedback cahnnels containing quotes is added
  • Work of the function for setting up time and date on Linux platforms is changed
  • ERROR WEBSERVER Template Process Failed which appered at entering changes is fixed

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

  • New languages for localization (beta)
  • Possibility to select drivers and scripts for transfer from the panel project to the server one is added
  • Possibility to rename user databases is added
  • The problem when images disappeared at continuous work with the project is fixed
  • The problem when you could not add new devices in the Domintell driver after scanning is fixed
  • The problem with saving scaled image in the gif format is fixed
  • The connection error when importing *.smw files is fixed
  • The problem when sometimes after installation of iRidium Setup for the first time the settings for default colors for items did not appear is fixed
  • The problem when you could not add the 2nd state for PNG images is fixed
  • The problem when after adding a page from Gallery its copy was also added is fixed
  • The Decline command is added in the SIP driver

Transfer.exe (

  • New languages for localization

12/05/2016 iRidium Setup (

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe (iOS Testflight))

  • New function in API iRidium. Receipt of Push notifications
  • Support of the IR.Camera method on iOS 10.1.1 is added

Server (iRidiumServer.exe WIN: , OTHER:

Web (

  • The new option option on the Channels & Feedbacks page. It allows you to increase the number of displayed commands and feedback channels
  • The problem when the NaN sign was displayed instead of strings in feedback channels is fixed

11/18/2016 iRidium Setup (

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe

[+] "Try demo" allows to show examples of interface designs without logging in the client.

[+] Domintell. Support of DPBRLCD02-B RAINBOW LINE

[!] Welcome. Buttons Enter / Sign in emulates "Sign in"

[!] Client and Log remember their position: location and screen

[!] Emulator automatically adjusts to the screen resolution

[bug] Crestron. Feedback channels with 0 status showed the old value after maximizing the app.

[bug] System tokens. "12_AM_PM" showed incorrect time.

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[+] Domintell. Support of DPBRLCD02-B RAINBOW LINE

Server (iRidiumServer.exe

[bug] Linux. IR.Execute. After a command was executed, a process remained hanging that could not be closed.

[bug] UMC. Web. Sometimes drivers disappeared after synchronization with cloud.

10/28/2016 iRidium Setup

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe

[+] JS. The function for turning on/off sounds of third-party applications when using i3 pro is added

[!] Work of Up/Down Button on Static List is changed

[bug] v3 lists are activated with correct Direction

[bug] If there were many channels in the HDL driver controlled from the server, the indexes of feedback channels coming to the panel could shift.

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[+] JS Helper. The IR.HideGroup command is added in GUI API

[!] Domintell. Scanning is improved: the scanner can add devices with different types, but with the same serial number

[bug] HDL. After scanning and adding similar names of modules, there could be unsynchronization of driver channels and virtual server tags

[bug] Domintell. After scanning - incorrect data could be written in the feedback channel and because of that feedback was not sent

Server (iRidiumServer.exe

[bug] If on the 3d step of authorization the user selected project upload, the license couldn't be uploaded

18/10/2016 iRidium Setup

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe

[!] HDL. Improved connection to HDL via Remote server

[!] HDL. Improved a command "Read analog value"

[bug] HDL. Added feature to read UV Control status

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[+] AMX. Support of *.TP5. You can open *.TP5 projects in iRidium Studio and save it to *.irpz

[bug] Feedback in Programming Tab opens Select Token without assigning to the item on which the feedback was dragged

Server (iRidiumServer.exe

[bug] Cloud license was deleted after Restart Server

09/19/2016 iRidium Setup

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe

[+] You can create dynamic images with the help of IR.CreateImage (http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Video_API/en)

[bug] IR.AddChannel adds channels even when there no channels in the tree of devices

[bug] The event IR.EVENT_APP_ENTER_BACKGROUND is activated when the application is minimized, not when it is maximized

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[!] "Changes in work with item states:

- the states names are named by their use;

- no possibility to create ""non-working"" states;

- the Waiting state is added (support of work in the client will be added in future versions"

[!] Crestron. The import function is improved, more flexible choice of imported channels

[!] Only the last selected value of the "Add a Feedback Channel" check-box is saved for 1 session of work with iRidium Studio

[bug] JS Editor. Changes in the script made after Emulator launch were not saved

[bug] Feedback "More" opens Select Token without assigning to the item on which the feedback was dragged

[bug] Tools Panel. Color Picker circle # 1 and #2 were switched

Server (iRidiumServer.exe

[!] When changing settings of connections to the driver via the web-interface, after turning the server on/off the settings remain workable and not get cleared to the ones used at the project upload

[bug] When panel disconnected from Server, EVENT_RELEASE doesn't get event "offline"

[bug] Modbus TCP to RTU. After some time the server stopped getting data from the device

[bug] The server didn't work if the project had a virtual tag with the name consisting with numbers only

[bug] IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE didn't work in the project with the driver iRidium Server

[bug] The custom database cleared at project reupload

[bug] AMX. After the Stop Server command the driver could not reconenct

[bug] OnBox. After reset of the server (Reset) the file of server auto start cleared

[bug] Linux. When opening the web-interface in the Mozilla Firefox browser the server closed

[bug] UMC. After reset of the server (Reset) device пetwork settings were not displayed

[bug] Raspberry. Update server throught web-interface

Web (

One name for the access password to the web-interface - the service one

UMC. OnBox. Raspberry. Web. Return "Stop Server" и "Restart Server" buttons

UPD: 07/28/2016 iRidiumReleaseSetup (

"Syncronization of panel and server projects is improved: now it can change names (not add the new ones) and delete tags and channels.For projects created in versions earlier than in v1.0.5.18892 it is necessary to open the panel and server projects, convert them and save. After that you will be able to use new syncronization functions "

Attention! The first synchronization of projects created in v1.0.5.18898 and earlier is made by names of channels and tags. If a channel/tag does not have a name in the server project, it will be deleted in the panel project.

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[+] kBerry driver (beta)

[+] JS Editor. Go To Line (Ctrl + G)

[!] Syncronization with the server project: if the tag name changes in the server project, it will be automatically changed in the panel project at syncronization

[!] When adding a command in the beginning of the list of the command tree (the server project) the screen area doesn't move in the end of the list

[!] Unused items of the RMB menu on an empty pages and popups are hidden

[!] SIP. Additional driver settings

[!] Shemes. The default folder name

[!] iRidium Server. The "Add a Feedback Channel" check-box is added in the Send Command window

[!] Automatic fixing of projects, if project opening activated the "Parent node must exists" error

[bug] Modbus TCP to RTU. TCP to ASCII. The Port setting is restored

[bug] Functions of the Hide Group macros in Manage popup groups are restored

[bug] When adding a command in the beginning of the list of the command tree (the server project) the screen area doesn't move in the end of the list

[bug] Gallery. When adding a camera to the folder, it appears in the folder right away (not after restart of the editor)

[bug] Tools. Option. Default Control. Font. Selection of fonts didn't open on clicking ...

Web-interface (29)

[!] The sign Licence Info is changed to License Info

[bug] If there were more than 3 blank spaces (NaN) in the tag name, trends were not displayed

UPD: 07/08/2016 iRidiumReleaseSetup (

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[bug] Global Cache. Save IR channels.

UPD: 07/05/2016 iRidiumReleaseSetup (

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[+] Merge Server Projects.

[bug] Script function was hidden in Script call, if there are Schemes in a Project.

07/05/2016 iRidiumReleaseSetup (

At setup installation and selection of a non-default folder all files are installed in the indicated folder, not in Documents

If at installation of previous setups you selected the path to the document folder but after installation of 1.0.5 setup and Transfer launch you cannot find your panels and projects, copy the Designs and Devices folders from the folder C:\Users\<Account_Name>\Documents\iRidium pro documents\Transfer into your document folder.

- There is a new license type "Developer's Panel". It allows an integrator not to have any limitations in time (20 minutes) on two of his control devices. It is activated on the Welcome page

- Integrator Statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold. What is it? Please, open your "My account" and

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[+] Manage Popup Group (the function is activated by RMB on the project name in the tree). It enables groupping of popups to use the Hide Group macro.The function was located in the second tree view before

[+] New macro: Paste From Clipboard - it pastes text from the exchange buffer

[+] New macro: Show Paste Helper - it shows the Paste popup

[+] New macro: Show Project Menu - it shows Project menu

[+] New system token: Project Menu - it duplicated the chekck-box status in the system menu

[+] New system token: System Menu - it duplicated the chekck-box status in the system menu

[!] Global Cache. RS232 driver from the database can be added on Global Cache COM-ports

[!] KNX. Change Driver Type

[!] JS Editor. The Show Password check-box is returned in the window for password input for the encoded script

[!] JS Editor. When creating a new script the name "NewScript" is assigned by default.

[!] JS Editor (Helper). When adding system tokens where it is allowed to write, fast selection appeared: Set Variable or Get Variable

[!] HDL. New setting - Remote Server Priority. If "false" - the app starts sending data via the HDL server, if "true" - the app first gets the external IP-address of the HDL server and then tries to connect to by the address directly

[!] Selection of several schemes by the mouse area with the help of Ctrl+LMB

[!] At BAOS 777 import names from Description are used

[!] The button for synchronization of the iRidiumServer driver with the server project is used

[!] Clicking on Update Studio forrwards to the web-page with downloads of applications

[!] The second view of the Project Device Panel tree is blocked for use. Update of its functions is planned for future versions.

[bug] If no localization is selected, the documentation links led to the old wiki2

[bug] The problem with crashing at editing of assigning to Project Token is fixed

[bug] The error at adding a camera in the project when both panel and server projects are opened is fixed

Web (

[!] The unfunctional icon with the "Show trend" icon in Channels&Feedbacks is hidden

[!] In the heading of the window where a trend is output the tremd name is displayed

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe

[+] There is a new license type "Developer's Panel". It allows an integrator not to have any limitations in time (20 minutes) on two of his control devices. It is activated on the Welcome page

[+] WIN. Paste in "Editbox" with Ctrl + V

[+] The function "Paste from the buffer" (IR.PasteFromClipboard) in Editbox items enables fast copying of e-mail in the authorization field.

[+] In the system menu (the Info tab) display of Project menu on gesture can be deactivated. Test project.

[+] New system tokens for hiding/showing the system menu (IR.SetVariable("Global.System Menu", 1)) and the project menu (IR.SetVariable("Global.Project Menu", 1))

[+] Information about the device RAM is output in the system menu

[+] HDL. The mechanism of data forwarding via the HDL server for remote access

[!] MQTT. Small changes.

[!] Processing of password including the "&" symbol

[!] By default the limit of memory used by the application equals to a quater of total RAM of the iOS device (for installed apps the memory limit stays the same. To use the default value, enter "tuj" manually in the SpriteCache field in System menu or delete and install the app again)

[!] The default order for render selection: OpenGL/DX11

[bug] The problem of data processing from a big number of server tags is solved.

[bug] Modbus. When sending commands Device ID is considered.

[bug] Script functions was not existed in Script Call, if there are Schemes in a Project

Client i3 Pro for Android (

[+] Support of project opening and upload by the URI link

[+] Sending IR signals from the phones with IR transmitters

[!] Clicking on Back hides the app. Programming

[!] Support keyboards with T9 and QWERTY for Editbox

Server (iRidiumServer.exe 1.0.5:8932)

[!] HDL. The mechanism of data forwarding via the HDL server for remote access

[!] Memory consumption when using Popen is optimized.

[bug] Linux desktop. Server launch with a parameter (for selecting the disk for server installation)

[bug] Modbus. When sending commands Device ID is considered.

Welcome (52)

[+] There is a new setting "Developer's Panel". It allows an integrator not to have any limitations in time (20 minutes) on two of his control devices.

[+] The Try now section. It enables download of interface templates (for review) on iOS-based devices in the Demo mode.

[+] User prompts for different types of users are added.

[+] WIN. Paste in "Editbox" with Ctrl + V

[+] WIN. Switch between the login and password with Tab

[+] iOS, Android. Paste from the buffer in the login and password: on long hold

Transfer.exe (1.0.5)

[+] RMB on the panel - a new item in the menu: open Project menu

Site (cabinet):

[+] TestMode on the server can be deactivated (the My Servers tab)

06/05/2016 iRidiumReleaseSetup (

Warning! Please, use render OpenGL with i3 pro for Windows (with DX11 you can't see the text in Editbox and may experience other problems)

UPD: to (05/11/2016):

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[+] KNX. Import of BAOS 777

[!] AV Drivers: TCP, UDP, Global Cache - the Wait for Data property has 0 value by default

[!] Shemes. Deletion of scheme objects on Delete

[bug] Relations. Change of width of drop-down lists

[bug] Error with save project with BAOS driver


Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe
[+] Charmap for the Text field, for convenient use of iRidium fonts
[+] Selection of a custom png, jpeg image as a slider
[bug] Error in memory when selecting View popup on Page
[bug] DB Editor. Error in memory when pressing on the Scripts button

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe
[+] Use of a custom png, jpeg image as a slider
[!] Work of a RTSP camera assgned by its name via script
[!] HTTP. Blank spaces in the GET request are coded in %20 automatically, without processing
[bug] iTunes. The password for connection didn't work

Server (iRidiumServer.exe
[!] Improved work with Popen on Windows and Linux
[bug] Log Size Limit didn't clear files at the optimization event

Settings (64)
[!] Local. Thecolor of the Delete button is red now

04/18/2016 iRidiumReleaseSetup (

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe

[!] Programming. Only the available events are shown , depending on the item type

[!] Editbox. Macros. Show Keyboard. New properties of keyboard activation

[!] The Studion lauch time is shortened

[bug] When creating a popup in a standard way the page size was displayed, not the popup size

[bug] Macros Editor. Send To Driver. Send Data. Misprint - "Cahnnel"

[bug] Create Modified State. Misprint - "Tranparent"

Client i3 Pro (iRidium.exe

[!] The size of signs at project upload on panels (Upload, Unzipping) is changed

[bug] Incorrect work or image opacity

[bug] The the sound library bug leading to no sound on Windows panels is fixed

Server (iRidiumServer.exe 1.0.3:8227)

[!] Minor improvements

Settings (63)

[!] The collapsing arrow is changed

Welcome (43)

[!] The How it works design is removed

04/01/2016 iRidiumBetaSetup (

Studio (iRidiumStudio.exe
[+] Total Tags in the IRIDIUM SERVER panel. It counts the number of server tags
[!] Saving of temporary files is performed in TEMP, not in the file next to the project file
[!] Script Editor. Helper. Show IntelHelp only when it is "IR."
[bug] Server channels and tags didn't appear after merge of BAOS drivers
[bug] The error in Create Modified State is fixed, now "Transparent"
[bug] When the grid was activated, the border around the popub at Unlock was displayed incorrectly

Web (
[+] Setting up of the server date and time

Client (iRidium.exe, i3 Pro beta)
[+] IR.Show_Settings for opening the side menu
[+] Pie Chart - to output data as a pie chart
[+] Bar Chart - to output data as a bar chart
[+] New List API

Server (iRidiumServer.exe
[+] Setting up of the server date and time
[+] Unic ID project: Project GUID
[bug] Re-registration of the server in the cloud at HWID change

Settings (61)
[+] The button for hiding the side panel
[+] Deletion of local projects

03/17/2016 iRidiumBetaSetup (

iRidium Server для Rapsberry ( -


iRidium Server для Linux Desktop x86 ( -


From main innovations we would like to draw your attention to:
- cloud storage of projects
- automatic creation and download of licenses
- server as a service
- server activation

- cloud section in My account (iridiummobile.net)
- "drawing" popups and moving them with the mouse

We are waiting for your comments and errors you notice (especially in the items we mentioned)!

P.S. Please, don't use "i3 pro" from AppStore, only from Testflight.

Server (iRidiumServer.exe

[+] Receiving licenses via the cloud
[+] TestMode for integrators: upload of local projects via Transfer, support of all drivers
[+] Forming the server HWID on the basis of the PC MAC-address
[+] SMPT. Sending mail on an event in the server
[+] Creation of a user database from scripts. The database is stored in Server/Documents/Project name
[+] Launch of the server as a service

Web (

[+] Activation of the server by the intefrator (storing data about all active servers on the web site)
[+] The Cloud section: project download from the cloud (from the automation object), server deactivation
[+] Change of the device IP-address via the web-interface is possible
[+] Possibility to update the server and the web-interface by the link
[+] New script functions - IR.GetDevice("LocalServer").AddTag and AddChannel - are added for creating channels and tags via scripts
[+] A new script function - IR.GetDevice("LocalServer").GetCommandsCount()- is added to enable receiving of the list of all server channels and tags
[bug] The web-interface didn't work on iOS devices in the Safari browser
[bug] The "Server Restart" function didn't work in the web-interface

Client (iRidium.exe, i3 Pro beta):

[+] SIP. Support of work via the SIP server sip.linphone.org
[+] IR.OpenBrowser("http://www.google.ru:80") - opens the indicated web-page in i3 pro;
[+] IR.HideGroup("name"); - the analog of the Hide Group macro
[+] Automatic upload of the Test Mode license after signing in with integrator's details (substitution of Trial licenses). It works with local projects uploaded from Transfer.
[+] Displaying images via https
[+] The cursor in Editbox: displaying and moving of the cursor on the input text with the help of the keyboard (Windows) and a finger (mobile platforms)
[+] HDL. JS. In IR.SetParameters the "Fast feedback"parameter is added. It is responsible for blocking parsing of messages sent by the driver
[+] A new event - End of Hold
[+] Download of cloud projects by the URL link from e-mails
[!] JS. Custom TCP. Forward in IR.CreateDevice and IR.SetParameters of the AV TCP driver the parameter of controlling SSL
[!] URL schemes changed from iridium3:// to i3pro://
[!] The progree bar at download by the URL scheme is returned. It will work only with the services which allow that (Amazon - yes, Googledrive - no)
[!] Activation of the application with the help of the URL scheme for i3 pro: i3pro://
[!] The IR.ShowSystemMenu function shows the system menu even if the display on 10-seconds pressing is disabled
[!] AV & Custom System TCP. SSL support
[bug] Sometimes after upload a project opened on quater screen, not full screen
[bug] Animation on Static List worked faster than on pages and popups
[bug] Values of Custom position could not be saved at application reload
[bug] Crashing of the application if there are JSON.Stringify(arguments) in scripts
[bug] There was Unziping instead of Unzipping at project download
[bug] Trends. Display of the tag line when its values are not written in the database
[bug] System Token --> Application --> Current Version now displays the version in the decimal format

Редактор (iRidium Studio.exe

[+] A new macro - "Show system menu", the analog of the IR.ShowSystemMenu function;
[+] The hot key F6 emulates the "Send To Transfer" button
[+] Popup creation by "drawing"
[+] Lock/Unlock for Popups. It enables movement of Popups in the workspace.
[+] Now dynamic images in Gallery display the number of items to which they are assigned. Also when highlighting the item in the workspace the dynamic image assigned to this item is highlighted.
[+] Change of popup size when displaying it in the View Page mode on the page
[+] When shift is pressed the item size changes proportionally
[+] Simultanious editing of several server channels or tags
[+] SIP. New commands and feedbacks in the SIP driver
[+] Programming. A new event - End of Hold
[!] AV & Custom Systems (UDP). Script Mode and Disable Queue are added in Local connection
[!] In the macros editor, in the macro Send To Driver/Send Token - Value of the item is set by default. Also the names of fields are changed.
[!] The HIstory Data check-box in the settings of Linear Trend is hidden
[!] When there is no open project, icons on Project Device Panel are hidden
[!] The License section is deleted from Tools/Option
[!] The "Script" field of channels in the server project is renamed into "Script Modifier"
[!] The Background Mode setting of drivers is hidden
[!] Deletion of the tree for AMX groups. Now it is set up when right-clicking on the group -> Group AMX folder
[bug] If the mouse cursor moves when highlighting 2 groups of items in a row, the group is highlighted instead of being moved
[bug] iRidium Driver DataBase Editor. Access Viloation when moving a device in the folder
[bug] iRidium Driver DataBase Editor. In the command. in the Description field - when clicking Enter the window for editing was automatically closed
[bug] The Standart system token is renamed into Standard
[bug] The error window appeared when moving an image from Gallery into the workspace when there was no project created
[bug] Main Curve disappeared after opening trend settings via Object Properties
[bug] When inputting data in the Data field of Global Cache commands they couldn't be saved
[bug] If you moved the focus from one item of the group to another, the focus didn't clear and the items were highlighted as if Ctrl is pressed
[bug] System Token --> Time --> Standart is renamed to Standard
[bug] Highlighting of several locked item by the mouse area
[bug] Creation of the server project from the panel project works without errors now
[bug] Changes couldn't be applied to a group of highlighted item if earlier a property was selected in the list of properties

Transfer.exe (

[!] Warning in the log that the project on the client without authorization cannot be updated
[!] Warning in the log that the project on the server without authorization or with disabled TestMode cannot be updated
[!] The Licence section and the Licence column in Panels & Servers are deleted
[!] The "local folders" function (the green arrow in the Projects section) is temporarily blocked

30/12/2015 iRidiumBetaSetup (

!In this setup there can be problems with creating server projects on the basis of panel ones!

Edit your database.


[+] New driver - "MQQT"

[!] iRidium Gate was deleted from setup;

Server (iRidiumServer.exe

[+] Setting up the launch of iRidium Server on Linux: WatchDOG, force, hidden
[+] Execute for Linux
[+] The hot key "p" in Windows server opens the folder with the server resources
[!] Speed of uploading data from the database to Trends is inscreased
[!] The KNX IP Router driver is defined in the log as KNX,not DEVICE
[!] Data upload fromt he database does not slow down the main application stream

Web (

[+] Setting up the size of one writing portion for Trends. By default: 2000
[!] The header is not opened when going to other tabs if it was closed.
[bug] Settings indicated in the DataBase tab are applied and saved.
[bug] The "Bad Mimi Time" error in the server log цру opening trends

Client (iRidium.exe, i3 Pro beta):

[+] Control of the screensaver via JS
[+] Control of driver logging via the system menu;
[+] New event - IR.EVENT_ITEM_END_HOLD
[!] 10-second delay before showing the first license message after the application launch
[!] The KNX IP Router driver is defined in the log as KNX,not DEVICE
[!] The command Hide Group Popups does not hide system windows: the input of the system menu password, the window with the question about upload oа a new project (URL), etc.
[!] The System.Application.Version token is renamed to System.Application.VersionString
[!] Time for uploading data from the database to Trends is considerably discreased
[!] Speed of uploading data from the database to Trends is inscreased
[bug] When launching the client on WIN the actiual orientation value is shown

Editor (iRidium Studio.exe

[+] Displaying of coordinates of the left top item corner when moving it to the field is performed nest to displaying of the cursor coordinates;
[+] When a dynamic image is assigned to an item the text Dyn.Image is displayed in the right bottom corner (View Info has to be Select All)
[!] The version numeration is changed.
[!] Server Host: is added in the settings of the server project by default, the tab Config > Settings.
[!] The Lock/Unlock item functions are highlighted in the menu only when they can be used;
[!] The Group/Ungroup item functions are highlighted in the menu only when they can be used;
[!] The menu item "Create two projects" is changed to "Create Server Project";
[!] When changing the item type to Trend all relations to this item are deleted;
[!] The height of server tag settings is increased automatically if there is no enough height for displaying all properties;
[bug] Gallery closed when saving the project;
[bug] Playing of music files in Gallery could not be stopped;
[bug] Trend can be saved on a popup;
[bug] The F2 hot key works now;
[bug] Change of the item size using the Shift button.

Transfer.exe (

[!] The version numeration is changed.

09/12/2015 iRidiumSetup (

!In this setup there can be problems with creating server projects on the basis of panel ones!

Server (iRidiumServer.exe

[+] The new event IR.EVENT_ERROR for CustomTCP. http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/1053216-event-error/

[+] Possibility to receive names, quantity and data of channels and feedbacks from the script. http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/1063485-obraschenie-k-kanalam-i-fidbekam/

[+] Work with POPEN. http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/1053305-popen/

[!] Settings of the physical address for the UMC driver (KNX - Serial) are applied correctly now

[bug] The settings of the server driver by the log level are applied correctly for server projects

Web (

[+] Possibility to change zooming of graphs by the mouse.

[!] Search of channels/feedbacks. Now if the name is the same all channels/feedbacks are displayed

[!] Errors at changing the administrator password are processed correctly.

[!] When showing trends and selecting Custom Period "0" can be input from the keyboard.

[!] Work of the web interface in Safari on iOS 9.1 is correct now

Client (iRidium.exe, i3 Pro beta)

[+] The new event IR.EVENT_ERROR for CustomTCP. http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/1053216-event-error/

[+] Regulation of the line width in Linear Trend;

[+] JS. The event IR.EVENT_ITEM_LOST_FOCUS is activated when the item loses focus

[+] Work with Speech API. http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/1053566-speachapi/

[!] When actions are activated on the onHold event actions on onRelease event will not be activated

[!] Improvements of SIP;

[bug] When using the method JSON.Stringify() the client could crash. There is no such problem now.

[bug] Now the orientation token is not activated twice.

[bug] In TLS v1.2 (of the HTTP driver) in message ClientHello, iRidium did not add HostName. It is fixed now.

iOS Client (i3 Pro beta

[+] Option "Show/hide Apple Status Bar". It is set up in the application settings in iOS, in the system menu (the Display tab) using the tag System.Display.StatusBar

Editor (iRidium Studio.exe

[+] Possibility to control the workspace horizontally using shift+mouse wheel

[+] Now you cannot add the symbol "." in the name of virtual channels/tags

[!] Now the color scheme in the item properties corresponds to the scheme used in scripts (before - AARRGGBB, now - RRGGBBAA)

[!] The height of driver settings in server projects is increased automatically if there is no enough space for all settings (not more than 50% of the workspace).

[!] If an item was locked it stays locked even when it is copied on another page or in another project;

[!] The list of methods and properties in the script helper which appears after writing "IR." In the script body is updated.

[!] Linear Trend item. The check-box Setup Axis X and Y in the setting of each variable is added. It is responsible for possibility to show additional scales with their settings in graphs;

[!] Linear Trend item. The types of curve lines are renamed.

[!] Database. The driver Tapko is renamed into Tapko (KNX i2c) and relocated to the KNX folder;

[!] Undo/Redo works for the operation "Create new folder" on the Project Overview panel;

[!] For the item properties Hold Time, Repeat Time units of measurement (ms) are added

[!] Modbus. Import will not allow to send commands with ".", ":", ";" in the names of commands or feedbacks;

[bug] Settings of the physical address for the UMC (KNX - Serial) were not applied;

[bug] For Custom HTTP the SSL flag was saved as "UseSSL" not "SSL";

[bug] KNX. When merging the KNX driver into server projects channels changed their addresses;

[bug] KNX. When synchronizing with panel projects after merging the KNX driver into server projects new channels could not be added;

[bug] Gallery. Folders with the symbol "." in their names could not be deleted;

[bug] Gallery. *.irgl could not be imported;

Transfer.exe (

[!] The possibility to set up connection to AMX for TP4 designs is returned;


- server tags cannot be renamed during work, connection with the base using tags is lost (new name – new tag);

- UPnP does not work

- creation of server projects on the basis of panel ones is performed incorrectly

16/11/2015 iRidiumSetup

Those who have accumulated database, have to convert it to work with the new server. Read how to do it here.

Client (iRidium.exe, i3 Pro beta):

[+] Control of log levels for each driver separatelly;

[+] Control of log levels of the following drivers AV & Custom Systems: TCP, HTTP, UDP via CreateDevice and SetParameters;

[!] Driver name (CCustomTCPDevice(Driver name)) is displayed instead of an abstract number in the log of AV & Custom Systems (TCP) drivers;

Редактор (iRidium Studio.exe

[+] Sorting of pages, popups, folders by alphabet in Project Overview tree;
[+] Sorting of pages, popups, folders by order of creation in Project Overview tree;
[+] setting of log level in Properties of each driver;
[+] System of assigning commands to Editbox item: Action: Send Token. Send event: Enter. Send parameter. Page.Item.Text - sends text that is input in the item;
[!] Loading bar is added during convertion of projects created in iRidium GUI Editor;
[!] When large projetcs are saved in folders, that automatically synchrinize projetcs in the cloud projectname.tmp file is not shared, it could not result impossibility to save a project correctly;
[!] Audio files can be played in the Gallery
[!] When server projects are open, "show another type of Project Overview tree" function can't be used.

[!] Main Axis X tab is added in the editor of Trend item. This tab is the projection of Axis X settings, the curve that is selected as main.
[!] "History" trend is deleted;
[!] If "History Data" check-box is active, data from the base and incoming data are displayed;
[!] Emulator launch or sending a project to Transfer does not close JS window;
[!] Negative value can't be written in Interval Value parameter of a server tag;
[!] Name of a panel project on the basis of a server project looks this way "Server project name 1" etc;

[!] Parameters of connection of Global Cache driver are renamed;

[!] Panel ID parameter is renamed into DeviceID in parameters of AMX driver;
[bug] After the size of a vertical page was changed, it was displayed horizontally;
[bug] Successive transition between fields by Tabs in the form of assigning commands to an item;
[bug] When commands are added to a drivre in Project Device Panel, "1" is not added to the name;
[bug] Automatic change of Feedback parameter from Momentary to Channel when the type of element is changed on several selected items;

Server (iRidium Server.exe

[+] Control of log levels of the following drivers AV & Custom Systems: TCP, HTTP, UDP via CreateDevice and SetParameters;
[!] Driver name (CCustomTCPDevice(Driver name)) is displayed instead of an abstract number in the log of AV & Custom Systems (TCP) drivers;


[+] Tab in WORK: Drivers is a copy of Devices system menu, excluding an additional point - Driver Log, that sets a filter of this driver log with debug level;
[+] Export of tag values to csv file;
[+] Tag values are displayed in a chart;
[+] Capability to work with a web-interface is blocked during updates or http/https transition;
[!] Update Project Tab: Avtoupdate is renamed into Enable to update, Save has to be pressed to confirm the action;
[!] Heading of the web-interface can be made smaller;
[bug] Web-interface is accessible from iOS;
[bug] Websocket wss crashed when getting line values or Cyrillic alphabet;

16/10/2015 - iRidiumSetup

[!] - for the new setup package and the followinf ones there are different setup ways and folders:

Way/folder Used to be Now
Setup folder:
C:\Users\<Имя учетной записи>\AppData\Local
\iRidium3 beta v3.0.0 \iRidium Ltd\iRidium Pro beta
Documents folder:
C:\Users\<Имя учетной записи>\Documents
\iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0\Settings \iRidium pro documents beta
To restore work with old files, copy folders of Studio, Server, Client, Transfer apps (but for Config.xml) from Settings folder (the default way for the previous setup was: C:\Users\<User name>\Documents\iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0\Settings) to:\Users\<User name>\Documents\iRidium pro documents beta.

Client (iRidium.exe, i3 Pro beta)
[+] When the app is launched the logo supports portrait orientation of a device (important for smartphones)
[!] When a project was launched and a device was in portrait orientation, the starting page used to be launched in landscape orientation, even if it had an alternative portrait page.
[bug] Error of displaying app volume when working with a token is corrected.
[bug] When a project was launched orientation token had "3" index irrespective of the actual orientation of a device.
[bug] When a system menu was closed the page was always displayed in portrait orientation (if it was selected as alternative), even if a device was in landscape orientation

Editor (iRidium Studio.exe
[+] Double mouse click on an item in the working area:

  • Trend - trend settings
  • Button + Dynamic Images - dynamic image settings
  • [+] - remaining types of items - Macros Editor for onPress event + focus on Commands - macros list can be scrolled);
[!] An item can be cloned with the help of Shift+ left mousebutton only if an item is moved by 10 or more pixels
[!] Limit on value input in tag settings of a server project when:

Store In DB with Float 64bit parameter is changed into Signed 32bit, when there are floating point numbers in

Deadband, the point and numbers after it are deleted as they are not supported by Signed 32bit type.

[!] Rele commands and feedbaclk of Global Cache driver are prohibited to delete
[!] Private channels, tags are not added when a panel project and a server project are synchronized
[!] In settings window of a panel project in any settings field Enter = Ok
[!] Drag & Drop capabilities of server commands and tags added with the help of "+" are added (when moved down, they are sorted backwards - it will be corrected soon)

[!] When several channels and tags are made private, the color changes at once, not after focus is removed
[!] A dynamic image from the gallery can be assigned again to an existing item
[!] Timer parameter of HDL driver is changed from miliseconds to seconds, floating-point numbers are banned.
[!] Dynamic search works in Main Curve field. Now the focus of the search is printed letters.
[bug] Logging is switched on in project properties, Remore Debugging did not switch on logging in the client
[bug] When any function was added from iRidium Script Helper (beta),it offered to add new script, but not new function.
[bug] If after script editing, the JS window was not closed, when the Emulator was launched changes were not implemented.
[bug] If items were blocked, they clould not be drag-selected with a mouse.
[bug] Trend copying functions correctly. When a trend was copied, trend feedback used to get assigned to the same item.
[bug] Renaming of Curve in trebds chnaged the name in General tab at once.

Server (iRidium Server.exe
[+] Persist property is realized - last tag value is stored.

This value is used after server restart or power loss (for virtual tags till the next change, for driver tags till real data are received from equipment);

[bug] When the server lost power (server crach), the database crached and the server would not start.

22/09/2015 - iRidiumSetup

Before installing new Setup delete the Storage.xml file located in ... Users\%User_Name%\Documents\iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0\Settings\Server\Documents
[!] When installing Setup above the old one, the way of setup is the same with the old one, and not by default
[!] Setup is signed

Client (iRidium.exe, i3 Pro beta)
[+] Function IR.GetCurrentWlanInfo() is added. Now one can get data about the used WiFi net.
Read more here
[!] SetParam works for iRidium Server driver

Editor(iRidium Studio.exe
[+] Visualization of server tags. Now if the tag has Private in server project in's indicated in red and isn't transferred to the panel project (now it works only with panel ones on the base of server projects);
[+] If there is at least one image in the panel project the file .nomedia is automatically created, which switches off image indexing fromthe project in Android gallery;
[!] Domintell. Capability of chosing feedback channel type "D" for the device DOUT10V01 (DOUT10V02) is added. Without this feedback type the feedback channel status didn't come.
[!] Work with the editor is improved:
• Capability of Drag & Drop is added to server channels/tags (now it works only when cloning channels/tags)
• Support of "Enter" button when making the panel project is added
• Moving of channel/tag group to the folderand out of it doesn't change their order
[bug] The icon "+" is returned to the panel Drivers when selecting a driver;
[bug] The icon with Russian flag in Russian locelisation;
[bug] Indicating of the border near the element "Trend"
[bug] Import of Modbus:
• IP is imported from csv;
• Device ID is added to unique channel IDs - now the channels with the same addresses but different Device ID are added when importing
• Some small changes of merging Modbus drivers when importing

Server (iRidiumServer32.exe, iRidiumServer64.exe
[+] Additional logics is addad to the database for channel recording. Now (in iRidiumStudio ...) one can write tegs to the database not only according to DeadBand, but also according to interval. More details here
[+] KNX Serial driver is added. For Yaviar devices
[!] Improvements of DB work, SAFE mode is added.
[!] No empty lines in the database any more.

Web Control Panel:
[+] Web is devided into HTTP -> HTTPS. Now the accsess is via HTTP (port:8888). Change of switching on setting is in Service/Security.
[!] Small chages of web interface. Some headings were re-named/added. There are changes in graphic of the web interface.

Transfer.exe (
[bug] When there was old localisation and wrong indicated PIN the attempt of switching on to the panel failedNew features:

04/09/2015 - iRidiumSetup

[+] PIN code (in client ( and Transfer ( Read more here.

Client (
[+] When FPS is displayed on the panel, the amount of used memory is also displayed.
[!] Default log level is INFO.
[!] Red notification about licensing is changed, now it gives more information.
[-] Extra information is deleted from the log. When the server/client was launched, you could have seen some information that you could noy understand. You can't see it now.

Server (
[!] Incoming function parameters were improved. Read more here
[!] Default log level is INFO..
[-] Extra information is deleted from the log. When the server/client was launched, you could have seen some information that you could noy understand. You can't see it now.

[+] Support of F5 and suppport of backwards/forwards navigation in the brower are added in the web-interface.
[!] CSS for Firefox and Opera are corrected.

Studio (
[+] Remote Debbuging (remote control) is added in the settings of a server project.
[+] A button to split a project into a server project and a panel project is added. Read more here
[!] Driver database is corrected: some of them are removed, others are made beta.
[!] Virtual tags can be now alternitavelly displayed as a tree of commands and feedback.
[!] Virtual feedback of a server project with Private in the Access field are now invisible when a panel project is created.
[!] Minor corrections

Installation package (SETUP) - www.iridiummobile.net/redirects/?go=iridium3_betasetup

21/08/2015 - Setup update

1. Russian symbols can be used in the installation way of software and documents
2. Changes about Dynamic Images are made in the client (took up a lot of memory and the client froze)
3. Changes in АМХ driver (in some situations AMX controleer froze)
4. Caption is changed in the client

Installation package (SETUP) - www.iridiummobile.net/redirects/?go=iridium3_betasetup

18/08/2015 - Start of closed beta-test of iRidium Paltform 3.

Installation package (SETUP) - www.iridiummobile.net/redirects/?go=iridium3_betasetup

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