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Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 1 year ago in Applications / Transfer • updated by Oksana (expert) 1 year ago 4


if we want to open the Webinterface from a server in the Transfer, this is working for the UMC KNX Server, but NOT working for OnBox and Raspberry Pi...

Please fix



Waiting for user's reply

Hello Theo,

What version of servers do you use? Can you open web-interface on this servers without Transfer?


we use the newest version:

We can access the web-interface with Google Chrome (manually enter the IP-address and portnumber), but not via the Transfer. We are using Transfer (why it is not updated to 1.0.3 ??? )


Transfer only opens browser by default with link: http://IP Server:8888/, not more. If you can open web-interface manually, Transfer can open it too.

In first screenshot, you use Internet Explorer, in second, you use Chrome. May be, it is a reason, not Transfer?

Please, choose Chrome browser by default and check.

And IP In first screenshot is (GC), in second, (Rasberry).

Transfer (why it is not updated to 1.0.3 ??? )

Because Transfer hasn't change in this release