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My customer is about to build a project with:

- 10-15 control panels

- 10-15 projects (one for each panel, as each panel is controlling the AV in a different lecture room)

- the panels will NOT have access to the internet, they will be one a separate AV subnet (TYPICAL IN A CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT)

- the projects need to be updated across the separate AV subnet that is not connected to the internet, without having to physically go to each iPad and change the IP address so it can be updated (a huge waste of time)

This could be done with an AV & Custom Systems site license in iR2.2

Problems in iR3.0

1. How does he update the projects WITHOUT connecting each iPad to the cloud

2. The Enterprise+ license does not give enough GUI projects (limited to 10)

3. Enterprise+ is very expensive in comparison - for DDK & GC drivers it will cost $2450 USD compared to $300 USD


Hi Jackie,

We have the same problems.

That's the reason we want the License-column back in the Transfer, so we can update projects LOCALLY (without internet connection) to control panels.




Hi Jackie, Theo

With 10-15 control panels you have to use Enterprise license (up to 25 panels), not Enterprise+

Enterprise license doesn't have a limit by GUIs

You have to connect panels to the internet once to authorize and upload projects.

We plan to add the Transfer sync with Cloud, but it is not ready yet.

Please don't worry, the local managing will be available. But for the moment it is possible to upload the license via Internet only, sorry for inconvenience.

Here are the issues I am having with the cloud.

1. If I invite a user to the project, they never get an Email to sign up.

2. I created a user using another email of mine, and was able to download the project. I then tried to use the same user on another touch panel, days later, and could no longer sign in with that account.

3. If I update a project to the cloud, in takes several hours for the new file to be updated. I think the cloud must cache the file. So if you are working at a job site fixing your program and you use the cloud to update the touch panel, you may not get the latest file. The only solution is you must use the transfer program, but now this no longer has the license.

There must be a method for the transfer program to pull the license from the panel and/or the cloud and use it to load the project. This way we can load a panel with the project from the cloud, and then if we are debugging it in the field, fix and load the project using the transfer program not the cloud.

1) Please, send us e-mail to which you send the invitation.

2) Also, send us this e-mail

3) Project on cloud is available for download immediately after upload or update. After downloading the project to the cloud, you did the sync of the client and the cloud?

Cloud is working very well and does update instantly, Several of my customers invites are going to their spam. It would be best if I could be copied on the Email that goes out so I could then forward to them. Also is there a way to use transfer instead of the cloud, I have several systems that I can first load using the cloud, but then the system will be installed without internet access. How can I use transfer and keep the license?