History of Changes in iRidium lite

Installtion TestFlight:

To install the app, fill in the registration form and we'll send you an invitation for testing to TestFlight within several days.

The invitation will come to your AppleID e-mail. The invitation e-mail has to be opened on the panel where you want to test the app.

The e-mail will also have links to download apps.

Installtion Google Play: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.iridium.lite_v100

[!] - development
[+] - new functions
[bug] - bug correction

20/03/2017 Version i3 lite beta 1.0.9


  • The “Make public” button is added to transfer updates of the server project to other users;
  • Adding the user and setting access rights in the Config;
  • Schedules interface is updated;
  • A possibility to set the frequency of gate requests is added in the HDL Relay, HDL Dimmer modules and in all Domintell modules;
  • New modules for: 2N Helios IP Verso Intercom, ekey home fingerprint scanner, Kramer AV receiver, MZTA controller, Sonos;
  • Philips HUE is released.
  • Bugs fixed

26/01/2017 Version i3 lite beta 1.0.8


  • Project versions are added. When a project is sent to a user, press "Release" for the latest version on the web-site;
  • Designs of the authorization page and the project manager page are updated;
  • Project upload to the server is improved;
  • Log design is improved;
  • More convenient device placement is added in the "Device" tab - choose a room in "By location" tab and place the required devices;
  • Modules have a link for feedback in the "Module info" tab. Found errors can be reported, improvement ideas can be written;
  • Widget inversion is added to HDL Relay to set "on", "off" states, as convenient to a user;
  • Modules for HDL IR, iBezel, Domintell, Modbus TCP are added;
  • Bugs fixed

29/12/2016 Version i3 lite beta 1.0.7


  • Added notification journal (available for servers rules);
  • Updated project saving process;
  • Added new actions for macros(Select macro and stop macro);
  • Added new actions for rules: activate rule, deactivate rule, stop rule;
  • Added link for feedbacks in project manager(only for integrators);
  • Added modules and scanners for Global cache, Samsung all in one, Duotecno, Fibaro(Alpha test);
  • Bugs fixed

09/12/2016 Version i3 lite beta 1.0.6


  • Updated mechanism of creating floors and room and creating an empty project;
  • Updates in adding widgets and macros to a room;
  • Added measurement units to setting timelapse in Actions;
  • Added languages: Portugese, Spanish, French;
  • Updates in modules: more flexible setting of KNX (Blinds and Relay); added setting of installed camera in Camera wizard; added Sinrise and sunset events in Weather module;
  • Corrected errors

17/10/2016 Version i3 lite beta 10080


  • Added templates for projects (Home Cinema, Apartment, Cottage, Other)
  • Fix Russian language
  • Added functions for remove scanners from project
  • Added group post subdevices to rooms
  • Added function for disabling not used subdevices
  • Added "servers" tab
  • Bug fix

26/09/2016 Version i3 lite beta 9829


  • Added Chinese localization for welcome page (login, password)
  • New design for schedules window and new opportunities
  • New window "Module preferences" for devices tab
  • Added option "group action" (for the same type of equipment) for macros and routines
  • Bug fix

15/09/2016 Version i3 lite beta 9721


  • Now you can delete local projects
  • Added multiselect devices in M&R for deleting
  • Editing Action, Event, Condition
  • Added new GUI component for macros and routines
  • Added localization (russian and сhinese)
  • Added separators AND and OR in routines and macros
  • Now, if your project is empty then the app automatically opens
  • Floors&Rooms window Added new modules: Mobotix (beta), HDL Hotel
  • Bug fix

22/08/2016 Version i3 lite beta 9532


  • New Device tab interface (earlier Modules)

- Change of module name is added

- Link to the added modules is added (information about the module)

  • New Macros and Routines interface

- Device filter by location and type is added

01/08/2016 Version i3 lite beta 9369


  • Interface remake of the Floors&Rooms tab
  • Template. Remake of the empty (default) room, the function to add widgets directly from there
  • Adding information about modules in the Modules tab
  • New interface of the project list
  • Minor improvements of the interface
  • Work with the cloud: saving, updating, transferring of projects to users
  • Entering from the end-user account, use of the created project
  • New modules are added: Nest, Sensibo
  • Fixing bugs

    15/07/2016 Version i3 lite beta 209


    • Change of the app starting page
    • Change of the photo-adding mechanism (proportions are kept).
    • Pauses between commands are added in routines/macros.
    • Correction of minor errors.

    11/07/2016 Version i3 lite beta 202


    • Android version
    • Macros: adding of location display
    • Routine is active right after creation
    • New HDL modules are added
    • Indication of Location adds a widget in the room
    • Correction of graphics, alignment of fields

    07/01/2016 TestFlight beta 0.198


    • Version for iOS tabletsVersion for iOS phones
    • Macros: creation, deletion
    • Scenes (routines): creation, deletion
    • Work with projects in iR Cloud (upload/download/update)
    • Module control in projects (download/installation/setting up/deletion)
    • System of ordering modules in iR Store
    • iOS8 graphic style
    • User authorization (registration/authorization/password reset/Logout)
    • Support of system schedules
    • User profile (links to privacy policy, user terms, support)
    • Project: floor control (creation/renaming/deletion/change of icons)
    • Project: room control (creation/renaming/deletion/change of icons)
    • Scanner-modules: search of devices, transfer of settings to modules
    • Device control: change of names, assignment to location
    • Widget control: adding into rooms, preview in device manager
    • Inviting users to projects via the web site
    • Widgets: change of display order in rooms, adding photos/headings

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