0) Integrator. Start of work

- Download the app
- Log in (the integrator must be registered on the web site, only end-users can register via the app)
1) Integrator. Creation of projects for end-users.
- Create a project
- Add and set up the required number of floors and rooms (set up name and icon, assign rooms to floors)
- Add required modules
- Set up properties of the modules and location of widgets in the rooms
- Set up macros for convenient turning on/off of same-type equipment in a room (for example, turn on all lights in the room). Do not forget to locate the macros in the required room.
- Set up scenes for automation of logic actions. For example, "If the movement sensor is activated, turn on the ceiling light in the room"
- Try to group widgets in a room. In order to do that, create the "light" heading and drag all light control widgets and macros under it
- Add a photo in the room
- Register your end-user
- Invite the user to use the project
- Create a license for the project

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