Maurits Roos 1 year ago in General • updated by Justin 8 months ago 3

I have iridium i3 running on windows touch screen Licenced for Basic licence for AV control and Global Cache working fine apart from a couple of times it has come up randomly no licence found

You need to go cloud and re download the project to get it back working

I have had it happen on IOS and android devices as well and I didn't worry about it as I thought it was due to testing

Now I have customers up and running with i3 I have had it happen on there sites as well

Is there something we need to do to stop this happening



We have the same problems in Windows and iOS.

Today, when starting emulator, Login screen was showed. 2 mintues before i had started a normal project.

So: nothing was updated, nothing was changed, only close the Emulator, and started --> login screen was showed.

This is not OK, please fix



Hi, we just had this same issue yesterday. 3x iPads running i3 randomly lost their licence. The only way to bring it back was to re-download the project from the cloud.