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When I scan for the device (HDL-SBUS), appear the subnet and device number, but after I add it I do not know any more this address. I tried to add individually and change the name to this addrees so I can know each one, but is not possible to change this name (HDL dimmer)



Change of module name is available in i3 lite beta version 9532, 22/08/2016


thank you now its very OK

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Thank you for feedback. We have a version of the solution - tomorrow will present for your consideration

OK, the widget name is not changung in project to

Which does not change the name of the widget? If you click on the name of the string, it can be edited.

Under review

We offer the following solution:
When you select a module name appears "info" icon, when clicked, which seem module settings window. It quickly realizable and allow orient when setting up. This will help resolve your issue now? Module renaming option queued tasks.

This new version, do not sow "info" icon anymore. NEeds to add one by one to know each one.



Now, instead of "Info" button is now used tab "Module preferences"

About the Device address

Probably it will help.

About widget name

The widget name problem in realy is to reconnect the project.

When I start a new project is OK to change the name, but if I open it again later and try to change it will not change.

I think I have some problem to reconnect it.


Still waiting for the solution commented. "înfo" icon

Is there a way to preserve the project, because all the time I need to make some update all data were lost


"Info" in the development (in the version on 01.08.16).

Saving the project is implemented, but in the current test version is not available, because It was considered inconvenient. We guarantee an appearance in version on 01.08.16.

When you have 20 x HDL Relay it is useless. We need Subnet/ID or remark under each device name in left column

Now makes it possible to edit a module name. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

I saw that in the last version we have the "i" to have more information about the Device, but we can not change the Device name, it is very important.

Is it possible to do?

We can change name device and name widget (mark red line)

Yes, I know that, I commented about Device name, if you have more than one "same Device " you need to check all the time what device is that one.

I do not understand. You can note the image below? Or explain what decision would help to solve your problem (how to do it comfortably)?

I need to change the Module name, in your example where is write HDL DImmer, if you have one more dimmer you will see the same name

As I wrote "Now makes it possible to edit a module name. Hopefully this will solve the problem."

This will release in 12.08.16.

With this new update I do not have a item to include modules, when I press add widget it asks me to include module. Is there any other way to includ it in this new version?

I do not understand. If you select "Add widget" that shows the window with module option, the widget you want to add. To add a module has "Add Module." What you can not?

i do not have "add module"


The latest version mode entered installer and end user. If you are authorized under the account of the installer (registered and approved via the website), then you change the project is available. The end-user mode, you can only use the project, but not change it.

I thought I was. Where is the way to check it, I did not find any place to register different that i did befere

Log on to the Web site to your account and check their status in the profile. You need to have a full registration.

for any reason I do not have Lite version anymore in my profile. Is it possible to submit again to sitll test this version?

I checked your status if contato***m.br login, all should work, or you are using a different username?

Yes it is my login, but I not see any information about Lite version anymore on my profile, only V3 and V2 and do not have the possibility to add module in my iphone or ipad

Try it now, you will have access

sorry, but still the same

We have tried to enter with your login - access point configuration menu, and adding modules. Check that you have the latest version of the application.


Change of module name is available in i3 lite beta version 9532, 22/08/2016

HI there, the subnet and sevice adress was missing again form me?

Thales Cavalcanti
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Verify that you are using the latest version of the application and module

where can I see the version and what is the last one?


For app: CONFIG -> GENERAL -> Config version (must be more than 1.11)

OK, my is 1.10. There is a problem with my testflight is there any other way to update the app without testflight?

Just use the release version from the AppStore )))

I lose the Scanner and all the devices. Is it OK?

 version now is 1.12.0

Module Dimmer Balastre appear as HDL Scene Control with out any channel , but it has 6 CHannels

All the pages now I have Floor Heating and Dry Contact information that I did not want, is there any way to hide it?

hmmm, very strange...

Are you sure, what you project was upload to cloud before update app? Maybe for now you use old (previous) version of you project?

no way to know what happened because i have only this version